Russia wins friendship match agains China

by André Schulz
6/16/2016 – The tenth friendship match between Russia and China in Moscow ended in a narrow 25.5-24.5 victory for Russia. It was Russia's women's team that decided the event in Russia's favor. The men drew their match 12.5-12.5 but the Russian women beat the Chinese 13-12. The result could have even been clearer had the Russian women used all their chances in the final round.

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The friendly character of the match between the two national teams was reflected in a high number of draws. The men had a drawing rate of 76% (19 games ended peacefully, six had a winner) while the women had a drawing rate of 64% - 16 of the 25 games ended in a draw, an unusually high drawing percentage for a women's event. However, it has to be noted that most of the games were hard-fought and everything but peaceful draws.

While the match between the Russian and the Chinese men had been always balanced, the Russian women had been dominating the Chinese from the very start. However, in the fifth round the Chinese managed to score two wins: Tan Zhongyi won against Anastasia Bodnaruk and Shen Yang won against Valentina Gunina - however, only with a lot of luck and a lot of help by her opponent.



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With 3.5/5 Ian Nepomniachtchi was the top-scorer of the event.


Valentina Gunina

The Chinese team: Coach Yu Shaoteng, Ding Yixin, Gou Qi, Tan Zhongyi,
Lei Tingjie (number one on the girls' world ranking list) and Shen Yang

The Russian team: Mark Glukhovsky, Katerina Lagno, Anastasia Bodnaruk,
Aleksandra Goryachkina, Valentina Gunina, Natalia Pogonina and coach Sergey Rublevsky

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The three coaches

Photos: Russian Chess Federation

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ChessHulk ChessHulk 6/17/2016 02:16
GM Nadezhda Kosintseva helped upset the top US collegiate Webster University team at the Pan American games in Cleveland OH, USA. Nadezhda played for University of Texas at Dallas.
ARK_ANGEL ARK_ANGEL 6/17/2016 04:51
So, no body does have any information about Tatiana Kosintseva. Or even what she does now. To be honest I had a crush on her back then. :). (That beautiful blue eyes). How sad. :((
magoff87 magoff87 6/16/2016 07:05
Both sisters have conflict with Rublevsky.
gmwdim gmwdim 6/16/2016 05:23
The elder sister moved to the United States, got married, had a child, and is studying at a university there. Makes sense that she'd be inactive in chess. No idea about the younger sister, though.
ARK_ANGEL ARK_ANGEL 6/16/2016 04:25
This has been a surfing my mind for a long time. Chessbase what happend to "Kosintseva" sisters? Why they are not featuring any of the Russian woman chess events? Or what are they doing now. There is at least not a single reference about them for two three years. As I have seen they used to be one of the top 10 among the woman chess elite?