Russian Youth Championships - Paving the future

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4/30/2011 – Although the Russians still hold the greatest number of grandmasters and masters, the key is in the renovation. The 2011 Russian Youth Championships just took place, crowning not only the new champions, but also designating those who will represent Russia in the next World and European Youth Championships. Here is a beautiful panoply of pictures by Anna Burtasova.

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The Russian Youth Championship (Premier League) recently took place for boys and girls in the sub-10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 years-old categories. Parallel to it was the slightly lower All-Russian Youth competition, which is essentially the lower category of the same event. The tournament was held in the AquaLoo Hotel, in the Krasnodar Territory, from April 15 to 24. There was also a rapid and blitz championship held from April 24-26. The tournaments were held on the swiss system, nine rounds, played in g/90 with a 30-second increment as of move one.

The winners of the championship of Russia will be entitled to participate in the Youth World Championship in 2011, and silver medalists - in the European Youth Championship. The winners of the sub-18 tournaments will be able to play in the Russian Premier League championship, and finally players who place in the top four of the All-Russian will receive the right to participate in next year's Premier League of the Russian Youth Championship.

Final standings of Russian Youth Championship

Age group
under 10
Zahar Alexandrov Alexandera Obolentseva
under 12
Semyon Khanin Dinara Dordzhieva
under 14
Arsene Kuhmazov Ljubov Kosticina
under 16
Vladislav Terentyev Irina Barayev
under 18
Vladimir Fedoseev Daria Pustovoitova

All in all the competitions drew a total of 1305 children.

Anna Burtasova was at the venue and provided many lovely pictures of the event:

Young ladies in the Girl's under-10 championship

Their male counterparts

Deep battle and full concentration

What on earth is she doing? I wouldn't play that if I were her....

Alina Beshukova - Under-10 player

9-year-old Xenia Strukova

The arbiter is the only adult allowed

The parents are forced to stay in the waiting area

Sometimes the temptation and curiosity is too strong to resist

The beginning of the round of the Boy's under-14

Last minute advice

And last minute rest

A madonna waiting for her opponent to play

13-year-old Eugene Khozenkov

13-year-old FM Vladislav Artemev

13-year-old Catherine Kolosova

Ljubov Mihajlova in the Girl's Under-18

Ah... the wonders of braiding

11-year-old Daria Maksimova takes it to the next level

The shirt says it all

Semyon Khanin was the Boy's Under-12 champion with an impressive 8.0/9

The Boy's under-10 round just started

And the Girls under-10 with participants already scrutinizing their opponents' play

Since the event was held at a known tourist point, the children had numerous activities
open to them. Some could enjoy the seaside...

...while others could enjoy active sports...

...but nothing quite like a gentle rest on the swing.

Vladimir Matveev from the Boy's Under-18

Ilya Ilyushenok greets IM Vladimir Fedoseev (left) and Alexander Predke from the
Boys Under-18

IM Vladimir Fedoseev (2519) was the Russian Under-18 champ

The penultimate round of the Girls Under-16 event

WFM Irina Barayev, Girl's Under-16 champion

Ekaterina Smirnova, third in the Girl's Under-16

A last round victory by Marie Severin over the tourney winner,
secured second in the Girl's Under-16, and the right to represent
Russia in the European Youth Championships.

Some of the champions posing with their trophies and diplomas

Photographs by Anna Burtasova (

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