Russian Super Final under way

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12/9/2006 – The Russian Championship Super Final is taking place from December 3rd to 15th 2006 in Moscow. After five rounds Dmitrij Jakovenko is in the lead, with 3.5 points. He is followed by six players with 3.0 points each, amongst them top seed Peter Svidler and 16-year-old Ian Nepomniachtchi. Games, results and pictures.

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Standings after five rounds

All pictures by courtesy 64 Chess Review

The playing venue in Moscow

Round 2: IM Ian Nepomniachtchi, 2545, vs Ildar Khairullin, 2543 (0-1)

Round 2: Evgeny Alekseev, 2639, vs Evgeniy Najer, 2648 (1-0)

Round 2: Denis Khismatullin, 2583 vs Dmitry Jakovenko, 2671 (draw)

Round 3: Dmitry Jakovenko, 2671 vs Ernesto Inarkiev, 2628 (1-0)

Round 3: Peter Svidler, 2750 vs Denis Khismatullin, 2583 (1-0)

Round 3: Sergei Rublevsky, 2688, vs Evgeny Alekseev, 2639 (1-0)

Round 3: Evgeniy Najer, 2648 vs Ian Nepomniachtchi, 2545 (0-1)

Round 4: Sergey Grigoriants, 2582, vs Denis Khismatullin, 2583

Round 5: Dmitry Jakovenko, 2671 and Evgeny Alekseev, 2639, analysing their draw


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