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5/28/2002 – Want a separate room for your federation or chess club on the Playchess (Fritz) server? You can have one, free of charge, a place to meet your friends and club mates, play tournaments or simply hang out. Information and contact...

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This is what it looks like when you have your own room on the playchess server.

The Scottish Chess Federation was one of the first to take us up on our offer and set up a room of their own, where their members can congregate, play, learn, teach and train.

You can even "decorate" the room according to your tastes. When people enter they see an info page. This can be your home page, or one you set up especially for the room on the server. The page is standard HTML, all links work as in a standard web browser.

In order to set up the room you should write to us, give us the exact name of your club or federation and the URL of the page that should be displayed in the info screen of the room.

Contact us at:

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