Rooks need space...

8/20/2009 – ... in order to show off their maximal strength, so it's no wonder that they tend to be particulary strong in endgames. Here Black had just played 32...Rxd5. How would you assess the situation now? A) The position is balanced, both sides have active rooks. B) Black can realize the advance ...d6-d5 when his mobile pawn centre will give him the edge. C) No need for endgame subtleties, White can employ a winning combination. The solution is herebut first ponder it with a larger version of the diagram.

Komodo Chess 14 Komodo Chess 14

Last year Komodo won the world championship title on two occasions and can call itself "2019 World Computer Chess Champion" and "2019 World Chess Software Champion". And the current Komodo 14 has been clearly improved over its predecessor!



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