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10/15/2012 – After 14 years of service "The Week in Chess", which chess players have grown so used to, no longer provides a free weekly download of games. With that the "Get TWIC" button in ChessBase is also history. But don't panic, there's good news: ChessBase's own download service, with a total of well over 200,000 games a year, delivered on a weekly basis. And we have a very special offer.

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Special autumn offer: download games at a bargain price

As you know the automatic TWIC download in ChessBase ("Get TWIC" in the Maintenance menu) is history. Mark Crowther is no longer providing this service and has plans to offer his download services for a fee. We remind you, however, the ChessBase has its own games download service, one that is more comprehensive – with about 5,000 games per week – and, as games are automatically added to your database, particularly easy to use. It is certainly a viable alternative for TWIC users suffering withdrawal.

Owners of Mega Database – a new version of which appears every year in December – have been using this service for a long time now: with Mega Database you automatically receive a serial number for downloading games for a full year. To help you get a feel for the many advantages of this service we offer this online game update for the remaining two and a half months of this year for a special price: just 9.90 Euros. And don't tell anyone, but this serial number will also allow you to download all previous game packages from 2012. Well over 200,000 games in all!

On your ChessBase 10 or 11 "home screen", at the bottom left, you find the button "New Games":

When you click "New Games" you will get a data management screen:

This screen keeps track of the games you have already downloaded and the ones that are currently available. Click on "Login" on the top left.

This is where you can create a new account with a password of your choice – or, if you have one already, you can log in with your email address and password.

To create a new account type in your email address and a suitable password, which you should store in a safe place.

Next you have to activate your account, using (would you have guessed?) the activation button.

This is where you type in your activation key. You will find this on your Mega Database package, or you have ordered it from the ChessBase Shop, possibly using our special offer given below. Be careful not to let anyone else get access to your activation key – the games server will take offence if people are using the same key to download games from different places!

It is important to note that you have to go through the above procedure just once, to create and activate an account. After that it is simply: click on "Get games", "Log in" and "Download games".

When you click on "Download games" the latest games will be retrieved. Note that the download manager keeps track of the game that you have already added to you Mega Database ("loaded"), and will only get the ones that aren't.

The process may take some time, especially if you have a large number of games to download. They are automatically indexed and added to your Mega Database – about five thousand of them per package.

When you now list out the games of Mega Database you will notice that they are up-to-date. Once you get used to the process it takes just a few mouse clicks and a few minutes of your time. And you have to do it just once a week.

Here is where you can get the special offer online game update:

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