Rapport wins match against Navara

by Timur Gareyev
6/11/2016 – David Navara, Czech’s number one, narrowly lost his four-game match against Hungarian talent Richard Rapport 1½-2½. The match was close, exciting, and decided in the fourth and final game. After three draws Navara opted for a sharp and double-edged attack in the fourth game but lost after an inaccurate move. Timur Gareyev reports. | Photo: Anežka Kružíková, Prague Chess Society

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CEZ Trophy goes to the Hungarian

After two draws in the first two games both players seemed set to try something in game three. Thus, David who was playing with the black pieces seemed to welcome Richard’s attacking attempts in the opening because this gave him chances for a counter-attack. After parrying White’s attack David fired back and with some sacrifices initiated a counterattack which finally ended in another draw.

Richard Rapport and David Navara

Richard Rapport and David Navara during their analysis of game three | Photo: Anežka Kružíková


In game four Richard had to defend with Black. If this game ended in a draw a play-off would decide the match. Based on his previous experiences David did not believe that he was going to be the favorite in the rapid play-off games because he was afraid that he might get tired after the classical games and therefore decided to search his chances in the fourth game.

Game four in progress | Photo: Anežka Kružíková

David attacked solidly but in the critical position he lost focus and after an inaccurate move his sacrificial play backfired and he lost the game and the match.


All games


Richard Rapport with the winner's trophy | Photo: Anežka Kružíková

David Navara and Maris Flabba | Photo: Anežka Kružíková

One big chess family — players and officials meet after the match | Photo: Anežka Kružíková

Anežka Kružíková is the photographer for the Prague Chess Society
and shared the amazing images from the event!

For me it was a pleasure to follow the match in Prague and give a blindfold simul in the course of the CEZ Trophy 2016. To conclude, here’s a game from the blindfold event.


It was also good to meet my sister and her husband again | Photo: Anežka Kružíková

And here is the movie my brother-in-law made about my match and the festival:


Timur Gareyev is a chess grandmaster originally from Uzbekistan. He has held the rank of 3rd highest rated chess player in the US and top 100 players in the world with a peak USCF rating of 2780. He is best known for his exceptional Blindfold Chess playing ability.


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