Rapid Interview - Irina Krush

by Arne Kaehler
6/10/2021 – Rapid interviews are fun: interviewer and guest face each other in an epic rapid chess battle. The chess guest not only has to face the interviewer's questions, but also concentrate on the chess game at the same time. This leads to surprising answers and sometimes to curious chess positions. Irina Krush talks about her time dealing with the coronavirus, which still affects her today, if she has more power and ambition to win another U.S. women's champion title, and what her plans are for the future, involving an own YouTube channel.

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Rapid Interview with Irina Krush

Irina Krush has her whole life set around chess. This explains, why she could already gather eight U.S. Women Champion titles, although the field of strong new players is getting larger and larger.

Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with the coronavirus last year, and went through a lot of stress, and uneasy moments.

In the Rapid Interview, she faces the "Albins-Countergambit" but remains calm in the beginning.

After the game, Irina Krush analyses the most crucial situation, including some beautiful combinations and sacrifices!

  • 0:52 - The game starts
  • 1:06 - Who are you?
  • 1:40 - You didn't even flinch, when I played Albins Countergambit!
  • 2:26 - What are your memories moving from Ukraine to the US?
  • 4:31 - Why is there a YouTube video with you, Steve Harvey, and Hillary Clinton?
  • 7:35 - Unfortunately you caught Covid-19 last year. How did you deal with this circumstance?
  • 14:47 - But this experience his couldn't stop you from playing chess?
  • 16:29 - You won eight US women's champion titles. Are you aiming for nine, or even ten titles?
  • 19:30 - Once you received your GM title, did you feel you accomplished a life goal, or were you eager to go for more?
  • 21:41 - "I am wondering if I should sac a pawn"
  • 23:16 - How many jokes have you heard from chess players about your last name?
  • 25:42 - What can we expect from you in the near future?
  • 27:34 - "I think this is dangerous for me"
  • 29:44 - Both players have less than 40 seconds left.
  • 31:00 - A spontaneous analysis of the game's most interesting position.

The website project of Irina Krush - GMchessinc.com

The Grandmaster playing her favourite game

Can you guess the real Irina Krush?

That moment, when you know, you just won the title (Same chair as for the rapid interview)


U.S. Women’s Chess Championship History

Irina Krush wins her 8th U.S. women’s title

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