R.I.P.: Mark Dvoretsky (9.12.1947 to 26.09.2016)

by André Schulz
9/26/2016 – Today, the Russian Chess Federation announced that the well-known Russian chess coach and author Mark Dvoretsky had died. As a young player Dvoretsky was a promising talent but he soon decided to end his career as a player to focus on a career as a coach. Since then he has supported and trained countless strong players and has helped many of them to make it to the top.

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Today, the well-known Russian chess coach and author Mark Dvoretsky died suddenly at the age of 68.

Mark Dvoretsky - strong player and fantastic coach

Mark Israilewitsch Dvoretsky was born on 9th December 1947 in Moscow. After finishing his studies of Mathematics and Economics in 1972 Dvoretsky focused on a career as chess trainer and among other things worked for Botvinnik's school of chess.

As a young player Dvoretsky achieved a number of notable sucesses: in 1973 he won the Championship of Moscow and in 1974 he finished fifth at the USSR-Championship in Leningrad. One year later, in 1975, he won the B-tournament in Wijk aan Zee. But he soon decided to focus on his career as a chess trainer

Dvoretsky has trained countless strong players, and among his regular students are well-known players such as Valery Chechov, Nana Alexandria, Sergei Dolmatov, Alexej Dreev and Artur Jussupow. Among the players who occasionally trained with Dvoretsky are Garry Kasparov, Viswanthan Anand, Veselin Topalov, Evgeny Bareev, Viktor Bologan, Loek van Wely and lots of others.

One training method of Dvoretsky was to play selected positions with both colors against his students - and he often surprised his students by winning the same position with Black and with White.

Dvoretsky was an International Master and FIDE Senior Trainer. He published a number of textbooks, sometimes with Artur Jussupow as co-author. ChessBase published a digital version of his "Endgame Manual".

Dvoretsky was a firm part of chess life in Moscow and popular guest at chess events all over the world.

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