PVK Kievchess wins Ukrainian Team Championship

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6/3/2009 – The event was staged in the Crimean town of Alushta. For the third time in a row PVK Kievchess, led by former FIDE knockout world champion Rustam Ponomariov, took the title. One of the stars of the team was twelve-year-old Ukrainian talent Illja Nyzhnyk, who has increased his rating to 2499. Report, games, and some extraordinary photography by Anastasiya Karlovich.

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PVK Kievchess is the three-times winner of Ukrainian Team Championship

Pictorial report by Anastasiya Karlovich and Vladimir Grabinskiy

The little town of Alushta (Crimea) has once again hosted the Ukrainian Team Championship, which was won by the team “PVK Kievchess” for the third time in a row. This year Ivanchuk was missing from the championship, but again Ruslan Ponomariov, Alexander Areschenko, Alexander Moiseenko, Evgenij Miroshnichenko and more than 30 GMs took part. The youngster Illja Nyzhnyk, who increased his rating to 2499, played for a second time for “PVK Kievchess”.

Eleven teams took part in the competition, with a new team from Lugansk named “PGMB” entering the Ukrainian Team Championship for the first time. The tournament consisted of two semifinals (six and five teams). The first three places of each semifinal proceeded to the final. The results between the teams from the semifinals were taken to the final. “PVK Kievchess” started their path to victory scoring 24 points in 24 games in a semifinal.

Final standings

TCh-UKR Teams Alushta (UKR), 21-29 v 2009 Final Standings:
PVK Kiev Chess
PGMB Lugansk
Law Academy Kharkov
Rivnensky Zybry
Stara Gvardiya Kiev
Zakhid Resurs Lviv

Alushta a little town on the Crimean peninsula in the northern part of the Black Sea

The town was founded in the sixth century AD by Emperor Justinian. It is located amongst the most romantic Crimean mountains: Roman-Kosh, Chatyr-Dag, Demerdji. Alushta is a unique climatic health resort with mild subtropical climate, great number of sunshine hours (2250 per year) and a long swimming season (from June till October). A number of Ukrainian tournaments have been taken place there.

A view of the sea in Alushta

The famous Seafront Rotunda

“PVK Kievchess” plays against the new team from Lugansk “PGMB”

The match for the first place between “PVK Kievchess” and “PGMB Lugansk” ended 3:3. Alexander Onishuk from USA lost to Sergey Azarov from Belarus and Evgeniy Miroshnichenko helped to save the match defeating Alexander Zubov. This year Ruslan Ponomariov came back to the “PVK Kievchess” replacing Sergey Karjakin.

The “Law academy” team from Kharkiv took third place this year

The players from “Law academy” lost important match in the semifinal to “PGMB”,
and with it their chance to fight for the first place.

The only female player, WIM Vita Chulivska from “Western resources” facing GM Alexander Zubarev from “PGMB”

Twelve-year-old Ukrainian talent Illja Nyzhnyk playing for “PVK Kievchess”

GM Alexander Areschenko scored 6.0/7 with a 2770 performance

GM Alexander Onischuk from the USA, 4.5/6, performance 2717

GM Alexander Moiseenko, the lead player of the “Law Academy”,
came directly from the ASP World Rapid to help his team

The current Ukrainian champion GM Evgenij Miroshnichenko
scored 6.0/7 (performance 2820) and an important victory in the last round

. GM Dmitriy Andreykin from Russia, first board of the new team “PGMB”

GM Alexander Beliavsky from “PVK Kievchess” made 5.5/6 (performance: 2839) and won an important game against GM Mikhail Brodsky in the match between “Kievchess” and “Law academy”.

GM Yaroslav Zinchenko from “PGMB”

GM Dmitry Kononeko from “PGMB”, with 4.5/6

The youngest participant and Ukraine U10 Champion Vetoshko
Volodymyr from “Western resources”

Vladimir Grabinskiy, creator of the Lviv youth chess school

Always a smile: GM Firman Nazar from “Law academy”

GM Spartak Vysochyn playing for “PVK Kievchess”...

…while his daughter Milana enjoys a game on the side of the playing hall

Young star Illya Nygnyk kibitzes games during his free day

Ukrainian Champions “PVK Kievchess”


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