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7/6/2004 – China Communications Corporation, the company that sponsored the ACP tournament on Playchess.com, and is staging a match between women's chess champions, has announced a new kind of Internet search engine using Artificial Intelligence technology. The company is set to grow – and put chess on the front page.

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Chess on the front page

China Communications Corporation was founded by the same people who built up the successful 3D display company "X3D" – and staged the gigantic ESPN match between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz.

The new company has been set up in partnership with China Daily, one of the biggest Internet portals in China. The goal is to launch the world’s most comprehensive online business database, which will be equipped with a proprietary search engine to provide information on tens of millions of businesses located throughout America, China and the rest of the world. The search engine, which is currently being patented worldwide, uses Artificial Intelligence technology to interpret the meaning of words and provide more relevant and in-depth results than conventional searches.

X3D staged a number of spectacular chess events: apart from Kasparov vs X3D Fritz the company hosted Kasparov vs Deep Junior (2003) and Kasparov vs Karpov (2002). ChinaCom is poised to continue in the same tradition, and has already sponsored three big ACP tournaments on the Playchess.com server. The next event is a September 2004 match in New York between the French women's champion Almira Skripchenko and the top-rated US player Irina Krush.

Watch a video of the press conference with New York City Sports Commissioner Kenneth Podziba, Almira Skripchenko and Irina Krush. The file size is 48 MB, so it is necessary to have broadband in order to view the video.

ChinaCom and its search engine site, Acoona, have pledged to carry on the tradition and stage many big chess events in the future. The company intends, in cooperation with ChessBase, to put chess on the front page – specifically of their giant B2B web portal.

Press release

China Daily Information Company Partners with China Communication Corp to Develop Business Search Engine utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

New York, NY, 7/1/04 – China Daily Information Company, in a partnership with China Communications Corp, is set to launch a new revolutionary business Search Engine, utilizing a new and proprietary Artificial Intelligence Technology. In an effort to continually perfect the user Search experience, China Communications Corp has developed the portal www.Acoona.com, delivering the most relevant business Search Engine results. The company has filed a patent protecting this “Apparatus, Method and System for Artificial Intelligence for Data Searching Applications”.

The company’s Search Engine technology operates by allowing the user to receive more relevant, and in depth results. Using a complex algorithm that recalculates the meaning of words, Acoona better understands the user’s search query. This process yields search results in circumstances where no results may have been achieved in the past. The “intuitive” engine will extract results with greater proximity to the search criteria requested by the user. This advanced research and corresponding patent applications are the first of its kind in the Search Engine industry.

”Acoona’s Artificial Intelligence Technology will elevate Search Engine performance to a new unprecedented level,” said Eckhard Pfeiffer former CEO of Compaq Computer and Chairman of China Communications Corp.’s Board of Consultants.

Traditional Search Engines focus on direct keyword matches. This technology holds the vision of understanding what pages a user might want to view, without matching keywords. The Search Engine with Artificial Intelligence better understands the users question through the utilization of an algorithm that restates the question and alters the verbiage based on sophisticated word permutations.

Acoona, in addition to web spiders that populate and update its database, has access to hundreds of millions of records from worldwide sources, delivering the richest and most robust database for search results. With a database of over 20 million US companies and over 30 million companies worldwide, the user will be able to search for businesses utilizing a large array of criteria: such as Name, Physical Address, Telephone, Fax, Business Description, industry category, company’s URL and geographic location.

Until now, these uniquely combined business Search components, and corresponding results, have not been readily available on the Internet for the end user. The CCC platform is the result, and the combination of, CCC’s unique technology and exclusive online information that has not been previously available on the Internet.

Acoona will launch in the US and China in December 2004.

About China Daily Information Company
China Daily Information Company (CDIC), www.ChinaDaily.com.cn, is the official English language web destination in China. This partnership includes an equity stake in China Communications Corp. Minister Zhao Qizheng of the State Council Information Office stated, “my department will support such efforts to promote Chinese Enterprises to do business with companies throughout the World”.

About China Communications Corp
China Communications Corp. (CCC) is launching www.Acoona.com as the World’s most comprehensive online Business Database and Business Search Engine. The Online Business Search Engine will be the World’s largest in terms of the quantity and quality of information available on tens of millions of businesses located throughout America, China and the rest of the World.

Press Contact : Paulina Balaban, paulinabalaban@yahoo.com, 212 842 4999.


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