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The Super Hi-Octane Version of the King's Indian Attack

Review by Bob Long (chessco.com)

GM Nigel Davies has been a fan of the “underdog.” Now since he is a GM and he plays these systems they shouldn’t really be considered as underdogs but let’s just say they aren’t that popular among most GMs. But the fact is, Davies plays the systems he talks about and writes about. Consider that a novelty.

Davies has written books on the Réti, the Veresov, the Catalan, and other QP systems. He has used 1… d6 as a universal system with his thoughts on the Pirc. He’s done similar things with DVDs. I want to write about the King’s Indian Attack. This however is not just club play but at a more advanced level.

As I thought about my angst some issues ago in The Chess Reports as Black against the King’s Indian Attack this seemed like an appropriate time to check back into that hospital.

Davies gives several of his own games including the final one which shows you how to handle bizarre stuff which Black might toss toward you—e.g., …b5.

He starts out with the classic Fischer-Myagmarsuren, 1967 Sousse.

Click here for replay a sample from Fischer-Myagmarsuren.

I don’t know how classic some of the other encounters are but featured White players include the likes of the redoubtable Morozevich (naturally); Psakhis; Dolmatov; L. Evans, and others including the amazing Leonid Stein (who obliterates Lajos Portisch as if he were playing against a tyke). It’s a good idea to play these games in the order presented as he refers to earlier games.

There is quite a bit of coverage against the Sicilian in the form of 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 e6 3. d3. Davies also offers coverage against the Caro-Kann, and the French and makes many noteworthy observations.

There are at least 23 or more games (others in the notes). The most recent I saw was Davies-S. Collins, 2005-6. There is a lot of material, making this DVD worthy of study several times although it is 4 hours in length.

The ONLY issue I have with some of Davies’ lectures is when he diverges from the MAIN agenda item and interjects his comments with a lot of “ahs.” I shouldn’t let it get to me, but it does. He is well prepared, I think, except when he is doing a little ad libbing. Otherwise, superb!

Another great DVD from ChessBase.

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