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8/14/2004 – We often receive letters from visitors who want to print out our news articles, more often in summer, when people like to read things in the garden. Unfortunately the printout functions of most browsers tend to cut off some of the text. Good news: we have fixed the problem with a new print facility.

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The problem with printing out our news reports has been that they are formatted a little too wide for regular European DIN A4 paper. The Internet Explorer has a print function (with preview) that does not scale down the page – it simply cuts off some of the text or pictures from the right side of the page. The same applies to other browsers. This is of course quite unacceptable and defeats the purpose of printing out reports.

A few days ago we received a letter from W. Laurence Coker MD, President of the Kansas Chess Association and Director for the Correspondence Chess League of America. "Almost all new sites offer print options on their news items," he wrote. "Quite often I have to use 'Landscape' print to print off an article I like, because the regular printing cuts of words at the end of lines. In the US CNN, MSN, and ESPN as well as many other websites provide print options that cut out a lot of the background and make the page fit on the printed page. Landscape printing gets the whole sentence, but you end up with extra pages and a lot of background information that uses up space and ink from the printer. When are you going to catch up with the rest of the world and provide print options on the page of your news articles?"

This admonition from an MD and chess functionary galvanized us into action. We have now installed a print facility in the left navigation of our news stories (see it there on the left of the page?). When you click on "Print" the page is regenerated without the left navigation, and formatted in a way that should allow it to fit very nicely on any normal paper size.

A ChessBase news report printed out on standard paper

Laurence tested this new function and wrote back: "Thank you. That is much better. Maybe you should post something on the web site to notify other people about the print option."

Which we herewith do.

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