Prime Minister Borissov vouches for World Championship

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10/19/2009 – Bulgaria's newly elected Prime Minister, Boyko Metodiev Borissov, has delivered a three million Euro guarantee for the World Championship match Anand vs Topalov to be held in Sofia next year. "I personally guarantee the budget of three million euro for the match and we will be ready to transfer the money and to sign the contract with FIDE in two months from now," Borissov writes. Facsimile.

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Letter from the Prime Minister

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov [photo Vladimir Petkov]

Letter from the Prime Minister of Bulgaria and Chairman of the Organising Committee, Mr. Boyko Borissov, which was presented to the Executive Board of FIDE at the Congress in Halkidiki, Greece.


Republic of Bulgaria
The Prime Minister

Sofia, 12 October 2009

Dear Mr. President, dear delegates,

Unfortunately, attributable to the technical reasons, we cannot present the bank guarantee for the organization of WCC match Topalov-Anand in April 2010.

However, I kindly request that this letter be treated as an official guarantee for our presentation for the bid. In case that our bid is approved, I personally guarantee the budget of three million euro for the match and we will be ready to transfer the money and to sign the contract with FIDE in two months from now, not later than 10 December of this year.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

Best regards,

BOYKO BORISSOV              
Chairman Organizing Committee WCC match Topalov-Anand


The 80th FIDE Congress
Halkidiki, Greece, October 15-17th 2009

cc: Mr. Kirsan Ilyumzhinov, FIDE President

Meanwhile the Bulgarian news site Standart is reporting that Anand has agreed to play:

Anand Consents to Playing in Sofia

Indian Grandmaster (GM) Vishwanatan Anand has agreed to face GM Veselin Topalov in a Sofia-held World Champion Match. Had he not, he would have lost automatically. The Bulgarian state has guaranteed a $US 2 million prize fund in exchange of hosting the grandest World Chess Federation (FIDE) event. As initially announced, the event will last between April 5-24, 2010, but may be liable to change in order to fit better in the sporting calendars of both opponents. The negotiations for the individual contracts Anand and Topalov must sign with FIDE will be run in the few weeks to come. “I shall restrain to disclose any of my terms. This is a normal practice,” Anand told Anand expressed his hope that this World Championship Match would win more fans for the game and be a great show.

We contacted Anand's manager and learnt that nothing had yet been decided. Anand's official position is:

“I can only say that contractual details are yet to be discussed and an announcement will be made once the contracts are signed. It’s still too early to comment. As of now only the bidding procedure has finished. So I will refrain from making any statements until the contracts are drawn up and signed. The contractual details are to be kept confidential in normal practice.

We hope that the match will be entertaining and will be a good platform for the promotion of the game. In the end the games should be the highlight and that is what we will strive for.”

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