Preview on the Candidates: Daniel King on Alexander Grischuk

by Arne Kaehler
3/9/2020 – The Candidates tournament starts on March 17th, where eight players will battle it out who will challenge Magnus Carlsen for the World Championship in December. In his Candidates Preview on YouTube, Daniel King takes a close look at all the candidates. In the most recent episode, King reviews Grandmaster Alexander Grischuk, one of the few players who once reached an Elo rating of over 2800 just five years ago. The Russian, who is currently ranked number 4 in the world, is thus among the favourites to win in Yekaterinburg. | Photo: Niki Riga / World Chess

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The most experienced player? 

Daniel King recently made video number 6 of his "Candidates Tournament 2020" preview on his YouTube channel, featuring Alexander Grischuk. King points out that Grischuk has been in the chess business for ages already and is the most experienced player in the field. 

Although he has the third highest Elo in this tournament after Ding Liren and Fabiano Caruana, Daniel King is worried that Grischuk's stamina cannot keep up with the amount of rounds played. Grischuk's style of playing is somehow exhausting because of his deep analysis to find the perfect moves in any situation, often leading to time pressure.

There is no doubt that Alexander Grischuk might be one of the most exciting players and strongest contestants to face Carlsen in the World Championship in December. After the unexpected withdrawal of fellow candidate Teimour Radjabov, Grischuk will soon challenge Maxime Vachier-Lagrave again. These two grandmasters had some intense battles in the Hamburg Grand Prix just a couple of months ago and Daniel King presents a great endgame analysis from one of those games, in the video below.

Alexander Grischuk


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