Politiken Cup: 15 players share lead

by André Schulz
7/28/2015 – The Politiken Cup is a chess festival with a great tradition and a strong and big open. This year the tournament is played in Helsingør and the open attracted 430 players, among them a number of strong GMs. After four rounds 15 players share the lead with 4.0/4. One side-event is a ChessBase seminar that teaches you how to get the most out of your programs.

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The venue

Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu won against Christian Jepson

Tiger Hillarp Persson won Kristian Stuvik

Standings after four rounds



Chess legend Jan Timman (Photo: Harry Gielen)

One of the 15 leaders with 4.0/4 is Dutch chess legend Jan Timman. In round four he won a nice game by mating the far advanced enemy king in a double rook endgame.


Top seed of the event is French GM Laurent Fressinet. But he suffered a setback in round four by losing against German junior Jan-Christian Schröder. In a Spanish Fressinet was outplayed by the young player.

Jan-Christian Schröder at the Politiken Cup 2014


Mihail Marin comments

Tournament poster with a number of chess facts

Photos: Tournament site (Fridhelm Haubro)

ChessBase at the Politiken Cup 2015

At the Politiken-Cup ChessBase cooperates with Dansk Skaksalg and presents the ChessBase Database program and other products that help to train and to improve. On 30. and 31. July ChessBase expert Martin Fischer will be in Helsingør to present ChessBase 13 and to answer individual questions about ChessBase products.

On top of that two seminars are offered

Thursday, 30. July 2015, 11.00 to ca. 12.30

• Setting up and organising ChessBase;
• Entering and annotating games;
• Using engines efficiently;
• Training methods with ChessBase 13, using chess books, DVDs
• Using the cloud to train

Friday, 31. July 2015, 11.00 to ca. 12.30

• Building and updating an opening repertoire
• Preparing for an opponent
• Endgame training with ChessBase 13


ChessBase Seminar


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André Schulz started working for ChessBase in 1991 and is an editor of ChessBase News.


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