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2/18/2010 – The first pocket PCs all had very similar designs, with standard button and key arrangements. With the improvement of touch screens and the incorporation of mobile phone features, the design has changed, as have the number and functions of the keys in each device. So we need to allow every user to configure our program according to his/her preferences and needs. Here's how it is done.

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How to customize keys

Pocket Fritz 4 allows the customer to choose the functions performed by the keys of our pocket PC (PPC) within the programm.

To do it, you have to call Menu > Tools > Customize.

Then you get a list with all the relevant functions of the program with the predefined hotkeys.

Let's assume that we want to use the fuction keys that some devices have below the screen to load the next / previous game in a database directly.

We search for the function in the list. In this case, File > Next game.

Afer selecting it, we tap on the button in the lower icon bar to open the key assignment dialog. With the tick on "Use hardware keys" and having selected the field "Hotkey", we press the yellow marked key showed above and automatically we get its reference (F2) in the field.

Then you have to tap on the key with the small green plus sign to save the key assignment.

To finish the procedure, please tap on the OK button in the upper right corner.

The red arrow icon on the lower left corner is used to leave the dialog without saving the assignment, while the icon showing a crossed out button is for deleting the highlighted combination.

Back to the main screen of the function, you can see that the procedure is paired with the key and you only have to repeat the steps mutatis mutandi with the function File > Previous game and the red marked key.

Of course, it is possible to change the assignments whenerver you want. To delete an assignment you only have to highlight it and the tap on the crossed out button.

Please, always remember to leave the screen by tapping on OK (upper right corner) and not on the red arrow (lower left corner). Otherwise, your customization won't be saved.

Pocket Fritz 4 is a program for whenever and wherever you want to play chess. The new HIARCS engine, written by Mark Uniacke, is impressive because of its positional play and tactical power. Pocket Fritz 4 is much stronger than the previous version; in the 2009 Copa Mercosur Grandmaster Tournament in Buenos Aires it scored an Elo performance of 2938! 

Pocket Fritz 4 offers you access to ChessBase‘s high speed online database. You can search for board positions in four million games, and you can research the latest openings theory. Pocket Fritz 4 is now fully compatible with other Chessbase products by supporting the CBH database format and the CTG openings book format. The program also includes a tried and tested openings book and more than 300 commented games. The design, functionality and user interface are the best of the best: excellent piece design, different screen layouts, comfortable input and commenting functions, openings display, ECO codes, coaching, threat display, and an integrated trainings system for openings, tactics and endgames. The cream on the cake is 12 hours of grandmaster training!

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