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7/23/2003 – It's more fun and less dangerous than it would seem: The Chess Tigers, organisers of the Mainz Chess Classic 2003, are staging an Internet battle against "The Rest of the World". It is a game of Chess960, in which the pieces are shuffled in the starting position. Not easy to play, but you do have Vishy Anand and other illustrious partners helping you. More...

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Chess Tigers vs the Rest of the World

The Chess Classic in Mainz is propagating "Chess960". This is basically "Fischer Random Chess", a version of the game which the ex world champion, disgusted with the "bland and unimaginative chess played at tournaments", want to make the norm. In Fischer's version the pieces behind the pawn rows are randomly shuffled, making all openings theory obsolete. Instead of theory you need creativity.

During the Chess Classic in August there is a plan to create a world Chess960 organisation and nominate the winner of the Chess960 tournament between Peter Leko and Peter Svidler the first Chess960 World Champion.

The Internet game Chess Tigers vs the Rest of the World is the first-ever internet game of Chess960. Every day a pair of moves is played. All Internet users are eligible to take part, but players are entitled to cast only one vote per move. You can follow the advice of

  • SGM Vishy Anand
  • GM Rustem Dautov
  • GM Artur Yussupov
  • SGM Vladimir Kramnik (who will jump in later in the game)

Here are the links to background information and the Internet Chess960 match:

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