Playchess Autumn: Win a training session with Kasimdzhanov!

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11/11/2020 – What do Fabiano Caruana and the winner of the next tournament in the Playchess Autumn Series have in common? The trainer! On Wednesday, November 11, you have the chance to win a training session with Rustam Kasimdzhanov, trainer and second of Fabiano Caruana. The Playchess Blitz tournament on last Wednesday, November 4, was won by the young German Felix Meißner, who decided that it was a good idea to follow Fischer's example - Meißner won all his games and finished the tournament with 9.0/9!

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Training like Fabiano Caruana

The third tournament in the Playchess Autumn Series 2020 is now approaching. Next Wednesday, November 11, 2020, you can win a 90-minute online training session with Rustam Kazimdzhanov. Take your chance and benefit from the experience of one of the world's best coaches and long-time second of Fabio Caruana. Another innovation: You can also win rating prizes.

Join the fun and register for the tournament on 11.11.2020. Just follow the link and register...

The Benoni is back in business

On top level the Benoni is a rare guest but with this DVD Rustam Kasimdzhanov this might change. New ways and approaches in most lines and countless improvements of official theory will show you how to play this opening at any level with success.

In Fischer's footsteps: Felix Meißner scores 100%

The second tournament in the Autumn Series (last Wednesday, November 4) was won by Felix Meißner who scored 9 points from 9 games! Before the final round he was certain to win the tournament but still gave his best. The Irish IM David Fitzsimmons came in second, with 7.5 points. The other prize winners were Veaceslav Cofmann (6.5), Moawad Elsayed Abdel Hameid and Robert Baskin.

Standings and results...



The third tournament in the series comes up with an important novelty: In addition to prizes for the five best players, there will be two prizes in each of three rating groups. The FIDE-Elo or the national ranking (if you do not have a FIDE-Elo) determines your rating group, and this way everyone has a good chance to win a prize.

Invitation to the blitz tournament on November 11, 2020:

Mode, date and times, virtual venue

Individual blitz, nine rounds Swiss, 3+2, November 11;

Registration at the latest 19.45 CET.

Round 1: 20.00
Round 2: 20.15
Round 3: 20.30
Round 4: 20.45
Round 5: 21.00
Round 6: 21.15
Round 7: 21.30
Round 8: 21.45
Round 9: 22.00

The tournament will end around 22.20.

The respective round does not start before the specified time, but no later than three minutes after the end of the previous round.

Scoring + Prizes

Points count most, then progressive scoring, and finally Buchholz.


  • 1st place: 90 minutes online training with GM Rustam Kazimdzhanov;
  • 2nd place: Chess party - an online blitz tournament (optionally with video) with GM Nicholas Pert;
  • 3rd place: 1 year subscription ChessBase Magazine;
  • Place 4: 1 year ChessBase Premium;
  • Place 5: 6 months ChessBase Premium.

Rating prizes

A rating of 2200 or less

Prize: 1 year ChessBase Premium
Prize: 6 months ChessBase Premium

A rating of 2000 or less

Prize: 1 year ChessBase Premium
Prize: 6 months ChessBase Premium

A rating of 1800 or less

Prize: 1 year ChessBase Premium
Prize: 6 months ChessBase Premium

Winning two prizes is not possible. The prize that is won is the one of higher value. First of all the FIDE-Elo is decisive. If none is known the national rating decides. Players without a rating will be counted as players with a rating of 1800 or less.


Registration ends on November 11, 19.45. Please register with this link.

Results and standings of the tournaments will be updated continuously on chess-results:


The tournament will be played on, in the virtual tournament room "Herbstserie". It can be accessed via the current client (part of the programs ChessBase 14 or 15, Fritz 16 or 17, Komodo 13 oder 14, (free download under ), under tournaments "Herbstserie 2020"

and via the webbrowser with the link

To play in these blitz tournaments you do need a Premium Account.


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