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by ChessBase
12/12/2005 – ChessBase is currently testing new software that gives you direct access to the server on your cellphone. You can log in, watch games, follow broadcasts, even play against other visitors. This is possible using our client software Fritz Mobile, which is in the test phase. Try it out – it's free.

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Fritz Mobile in the test phase

Like to watch the games that are being played in Khanty-Mansiysk on your cellphone? While you are travelling in a train, sitting in your garden, or lying in the soapy foam of a winter evening bath? Or would you like to play a game on your cellphone, against someone who is probably thousands of miles away from you?

All this is now within your reach. All you need is a cellphone, one of the newer kind, which has GPRS and Java installed (they all do). Dial into a special site,, and download the software that is provided there. All of this will probably take five minutes to do. After that all systems are go for Fritz Mobile.

Full instructions for the download and installation are provided at our special site: But you probably will not have to bother with them at all, since all modern cellphones are properly equipped by default. Simply dial in, download and start Fritz Mobile. Chances are it will work without further ado.

Access to the Playchess server is handled by GPRS, which stands for "General Packet Radio Service". This is a "packet-switched" service, which means that many users share the same transmission channel, only using it when they need to send data. The advantage is that they get the full bandwidth for each transaction (and none when they don't require it). In addition GPRS transmission is billed per kilobytes of information sent or received, not on a per minute basis. Thus when you are playing a game of chess you will only be billed for the move transmission, not the entire time you are engaged in playing or watching the game.

Access to Playchess

This is very simple and intuitive. You can log in as a "Guest" or use your current Playchess account. Type in your user name and password. This will not affect your normal access to Playchess from a PC with Fritz.

There is a help function which explains all the functions that are available for your Mobile Fritz access to the Playchess server.


We have set up a special feedback form which you can use to tell us whether your cellphone access to Playchess was successful or not. In the latter case please be very specific and tell us exactly where things went wrong. You should also specify exactly which cellphone and service provider you are using, and of course which country you are in. We are also interested in suggestions for improvement and additional features. We cannot, however, at the current stage provide any guarantee that the software will work on your cellphone.

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