Play The Author - Thematic tournament with Lars Schandorff

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9/20/2021 – Last week, Grandmaster Lars Schandorff from Denmark faced nine brave CBM readers for the fourth "Play The Author" round-robin tournament this year. The chosen opening was 4.Bg5 Bg7!? in the Grünfeld. The Danish GM won the tournament and all games, except one draw. While a Canadian player reached the second place, the youngest participant (13 years old) from Germany, managed to get the third place. | Photo: Facebook - Lars Schandorff

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Play the Author - Lars Schandorff


Although five of the participants were German, and the majority once again, we also had two players from Canada, and either one player from England, Spain, and even Madagascar.

The so called "Gruenfeld - Stockholm Variation" stood strong, and most of the games were won with Black. The number of draws was quite high, which is unusual in Blitz-Tournaments.

The youngest participant was just 13 years old, and the oldest 74 years old.

The cross table. Chessbard1972 got the only draw against "Sjandy", alias Lars Schandorff.

The Playchess video&audio section was busy. From America, Africa, and Europe, people were able to play in the same room, see each other, and talk to each other.

The endgame in the board below is complicated, but Black should actually be able to win it.


All the games played can be viewed and replayed here.


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