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11/18/2003 – With the match between Garry Kasparov and X3D Fritz tied 1.5:1.5 after three games the tension is very high in New York, where the ESPN coverage of the event is drawing more viewers than anyone anticipated. Before the critical fourth game we bring you a pictorial report and new analysis of game three.

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A stroll through New York

The evening atmosphere in Manhattan

Night-time skating in the Rokefeller Center in the heart of New York

Exquisite chess sets in the windows of shops around the venue

Chess men and Faberge eggs for collectors with deep pockets

Late in the evening on the day before the game Garry Kasparov and his mother Clara check the X3D board settings, while John Fernandez (X3D) and Jeroen van den Belt (ChessBase) look on.

The X3D chessboard as it looks without the glasses. But with them on, the two images merge into a genuine, sharp 3D image, with part of the board floating in front of the screen. You feel you could touch the pieces with your hands.

The next day

After breakfast, Frederic Friedel making new friends in the park

Technical ingenuity: a network and video cables slung over the balcony of the 12th storey, secured against the high wind by wrought iron chairs.

The ESPN video center where the cameras can be remotely controlled

What is the computer going to do? Mathias Feist primes X3D Fritz for the game

Before the start of game three: Garry Kasparov, X3D CEO Eliot Klein, and Miss New York City Katie Horn

Kathy Horn is a operatic soprano and a C++ programmer

Garry is satisfied with the X3D board setup and is ready to play

A group of female chess fans arrive at the venue. That's top US women Jen Shahade and Irena Krush on the right, and a very blond Elizabeth Vicary on the left.

Peering over the shoulder of ICGA president David Levy in the computer room

The "Men in Black" team: Frans Morsch, Mathias Feist, Jeroen van den Belt and Alex Kure, surrounding X3D computer expert Alex Jao, who got the super-fast four-way system from Intel for the match.

After the game an elated Kasparov wraps up for the ESPN Sunday audience

Frederic Friedel

Here's GM Karsten Müller's commentary on game three

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