Philip Hogarty, Irish chess talent, 1988-2008

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1/9/2008 – Philip Hogarty, the chairman of the Irish Chess Union tragically passed away on New Year's day. He was struck by a police car at 2.30 a.m and died shortly after that in hospital. He was only 19. He represented Ireland at youth level and was a rapidly improving player. Also one of the best-loved people in the country. He will be dearly missed by everbody. Eulogy by his friends.

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Philip Hogarty, 1988-2008

Eulogy by fellow Irish international Karl McPhillips,
with the help of Phil's friends

The first time I met Phil we were in our early teens representing our provincial team. We were made to share a room together. I have to admit now that didn’t like this arrangment at first. We were both shy, and I did not know him. Little did I know that night was the start of one of the greatest friendships I will ever have. That night Phil proposed that we should buy cider and get drunk. Just like many times in the future I followed his lead, and we had real fun adventures. However we both got caught by our manager and were banned from playing the next day. Although we both loved chess we had no regrets. This was the first of many fun adventures Phil, our friends and I undertook at chess tournaments, and to be honest we never regretted any one of them.

Philip Hogarty playing on board one against Karl McPhillips in the European Team Chess Championship U18 in Hungary. Karl was playing for Ireland A while Phil was playing for ireland B.

Phil winning a board prize in the Irish league. He won board prizes in divisions 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and had a great chance to win one this year in division 1.

Phil loved the game of chess more than anyone I know. He started playing at a relatively late age; however his progress in strength was nothing less than extraordinary. He had recently established himself as one of the strongest players in the country and was undoubtedly destined for even greater success. He represented Ireland, his province Leinster and his club Jobstown with passion and pride. Phil always played with ambition, courage and patience. In 2006 Phil was elected chairman (president) of the Irish Chess Union – at he the tender age of 18. In a year and a half he achieved an unbelievable amount for the game in this country.

Karl, James and Phil. Karl McPhillips and Phil were Irelands leading chess players for their age and really close friends. James Vaughan is another great chess playing friend of Phil.

Paul, Phil and Kev. Paul Leavy started teaching Phil chess when he was 12 but two years later Phil started to teach him. Kevin O'Flaherty is a great friend of Phil.

"The Dolphin" (Alex Lopez, right), Ireland's most promising poker player, and Phil

I may have been a higher rated player than Phil but, although I never told him, I believe that I learnt much more from him than he from me, both on the board and off it. Off the board the list of his qualities is endless. Phil was charming, friendly, confident, generous, faithful, selfless, fun and he had an amazing sense of humour. He always had a smile on his face. Phil always put his friends first. Phil loved those closest to him a great amount, which remained the same despite the ups and downs in some of these relationships. The only thing that mattered for Phil was following his heart; and his heart was always in the right place. Phil would always put a positive spin on things, and if he had a goal he would always go for it.

Phil and Rory Delaney, a fellow Irish international and one of Phil's closest friends

Lynsey Shovlin, a Scottish chess player who had a close relationship with Phil

Phil, a brilliant chess player, truly one of the greatest people that I have ever met, not just my best friend, but my brother. You will be missed beyond belief. Chess will never be the same again.

You were one of the best things to happen to Irish chess and each and every one of your many friends. Remember friendship never dies, it just freezes in it’s prime.

You will never be forgotten.
Rest in peace Phil – FOREVER YOUNG

Karl McPhillips

A tribute to Philip

A personal tribute to Philip Hogarty, from Darren McCabe

The past few days have been hard for everyone who has had the pleasure to know Phil. I first met Phil in primary school. I was already playing a while and was board 1 on the school team. Then one day a small and rather shy nine-year old came to the school chess club. I played him and lost, something that would happen a lot over the next ten years. This is my first memory of Phil, playing him over a chessboard.

Chess was Phil’s passion. He loved the game more than any other person I know. He traveled up and down the country and across the world to play the game he loved. On the board he was ruthless in his pursuit of victory. Off the board he was the most genuine and down to earth guy you’re likely to ever come across. He was always up for a laugh, a few pints and a game of blitz.

Over the years, both of us developed a rivalry which brought out the best in us. We tried so hard to get one over the other. This undoubtedly made us grow as both chess players and friends.

Phil was very popular. He made friends effortlessly wherever he went. He was mature beyond his years and his warmth shone out to everyone. He had a great sense of humour and was always cracking jokes. He meant so much to everyone he knew and I know he will be dearly missed by all of his friends.

Irish Chess has lost a top bloke, a great player and an even better friend. I’ve lost my greatest rival and a great friend. Chess will never be the same again for me.

Phil, I’ll never forget you.



Independent: Family of young chess champion Philip praised as he is laid to rest
The young chess champion died after being struck by a garda car on New Year's Day. An investigation into the death has established that the garda driver was responding to a call-out when the tragic accident occurred. The youngster was attempting to cross the road when the tragedy occurred. According to garda sources, he tried to double back towards the footpath when he saw the approaching car, but the patrol car swerved in the same direction knocking him down. The speed at which the car was travelling and whether the call-out was classed as an emergency, are factors that will be investigated by the Garda Ombudsman Commission, which launched an inquiry into the circumstances of Mr Hogarty's death. The accident occurred at around 2.30 am on the Blessington Road in Tallaght, as Mr Hogarty, who had got off a Nitelink bus, was crossing the road and heading towards his home in Jobstown. He had been celebrating with friends in the city.

Investigation as teenager dies after being struck by Garda car
The Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission confirmed that it would be inquiring into how 19-year-old Philip Hogarty from Jobstown, Dublin, was struck by the Garda vehicle in Tallaght in the early hours of yesterday morning. Mr Hogarty suffered severe injuries to his head and body in the collision at 2.30am and died 15 hours later.

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