Peter Leko takes on the French

4/12/2005 – Recently Peter Leko, Hungary's top GM and the world's number four player, gave a clock simul against eight top chess teams from French schools and universities. Each side had 90 minutes for all the moves, Leko naturally 90 minutes for all his games. The event was held in the Paris Senat. Guess who turned up...

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Peter Leko against the best French Schools!

Press conference at the Ernst & Young Headquarters in Neuilly-sur-Seine, with Carsten Hensel (Leko’s manager), Olivier Macard (event organiser), Peter Leko and wife Sofia Leko.

The students listens attentively to the world's number four player

An open chess tournament at the Ernst & Young headquarters in Neuilly-sur-Seine

”OrganiseEchecs” – the technology room, like technology rooms all over the world

In the French Senat in Paris: Peter Leko during the clock simul

The "INPG" team which held Leko to a draw in the clock simul

The “Polytechnique” team, which was winning but lost in a furious blitz finish

The “ESCP-EAP + HEC + Polyetechnique” team also got a draw against Leko

The “EPU Nice” team, which also held the world's number four to a draw

A view from the commentary room

Jean-Claude Moingt, the newly elected president of the French Chess Federation, explaining the games to the audience

A delightful surprise: Vladimir Kramnik, who spends a lot of time in Paris, turns up and is greeted by the tournament arbiter Thomas Dauphin

Kramnik helps Jean-Claude Moingt with the running game commentary

The match is almost over, Leko wins five and draws three

Was it good for you? Peter Leko interviewed by Olivier Macard of Ernst & Young

The simultaneous master


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