Peter Heine Nielsen wins European Internet Championship

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11/8/2004 – The Second European Internet Championship on ended in a triumph for Peter Heine Nielsen, who knocked out the likes of Kharlov, Short and Gelfand to take on England's Michael Adams in the final. The Danish GM won this encounter 0.5-2.5 to pocket the €2,400 first prize. Report and games...

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Peter Heine Nielsen wins the
Second European Internet Championship 2004

The Second European Internet Championship was played from October 25 to November 7, 2004 on the server. The tournament was divided into four preliminaries, one candidates tournament and one final. Only players who can start for a national European chess federation had the right to participate. The winners qualified for the candidates tournament, where they were joined by grandmasters, 2500+ rated players, reigning World or European Champions, players nominated for an European team in the Chess Olympiad 2004 and players nominated by the European national federations (one per federation). In the final the 16 best players of the qualifier met 16 players nominated by the ECU and ChessBase GmbH. This final had a prize fund of € 6,000.00.

The official 2nd European Internet Championship invitation brochure

The tournament was won by Danish GM Peter Heine Nielsen, who managed to eliminate Kharlov, Short and Gelfand to play England's Michael Adams in the finals. The latter had overcome Bolgan, Jakovenko and Psakhis.

The winner Peter Heine Nielsen of Denmark. The subtitle of his t-shirt reads: "Federal witness protection program"

Nielsen won the final and took the €2,400 first prize. Adams got €1,200, the semifinalists Gelfand and Psakhis €600 each and the quarterfinalists Jakovenko, Azarov, Turov and Short received €300 each for their efforts.

Here are the results of the final phase of the tournament:

1/8 Final
Adams vs Bologan
Petrosjan vs Jakovenko
Sutovsky vs Azarov
Dreev vs Psakhis
Bryzgalin vs Turov
Gelfand vs Kobalia
Short vs Bacrot
Kharlov vs Heine-Nielsen
Quarter Final
Adams vs Jakovenko
Azarov vs Psakhis
Gelfand vs Turov
Short vs Heine-Nielsen
Semi Final
Adams vs Psakhis
Gelfand vs Heine-Nielsen
Adams vs Heine-Nielsen


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