People and faces at Brains in Bahrain

10/7/2002 – Sunday, October 2002. Game two. Vladimir Kramnik has white in his match against Deep Fritz. The ChessBase team expect a tough battle. And that is exactly what they get. In the press room a large crown watch and transmit the game move by move to millions on the Internet. We bring you new pictures directly from the event site in our Bahrain Picture Gallery 2.

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Picture Gallery II from Bahrain

Both sides square up at the board (right Fritz operator Mathias Feist).

A minute of concentration before making the first move.

All over the venue you can follow the action on monitor screens

In the press center we have the original Fritz output of the main machine

Matthias Wüllenweber keeps track of the moves for the live Internet coverage

Frederic Friedel doing live commentary, while the ambassador of Germany Wolfgang Lerke (in the background) and his daughter Varnessa look on.

Mig Greengard does commentary in a lighter vein

Leontxo Garcia posts annotations in Spanis on the El Pais site

One of the visiting commentators: GM Raymond Keene of Britain

Zeyad Janahi, the Bahraini champion

After winning the second game Kramnik explains the ending to GM Daniel King, who is one of the anchors of the Einstein TV coverage of the event.

The Russian ambassador pays his successful citizen a visit

After the game people analyse the game on a notebook Fritz: here Fritz author Frans Morsch, GM Nigel Short, Matthias Wüllenweber, Mathias Feist, Alexander Kure. The last three are part of the Fritz team. Seated: Mig Greengard.

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