Norway Chess: a tricky endgame - Caruana vs Duda

by Karsten Müller
10/7/2020 – The players at the Altibox Norway Chess Tournament seem to enjoy playing "live" again, and the fighting spirit is high. The current tournament leader Fabiano Caruana started with two wins, and he won both games in the endgame. But was his endgame against Jan-Krzysztof Duda in round 2 really won? Karsten Müller is not sure and took a deeper look. | Photos: Lennart Ootes

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The duel bishop and knight vs rook

In the first two rounds the players at the Altibox Norway Chess Tournament have reached a number of interesting endgames.

In round 2 Fabiano Caruana played against Jan-Krzysztof Duda and was much better after the opening and later he won material and liquidated into an endgame. But was the endgame really won?

Fabiano Caruana is not the only one who wonders if White can win if Black defends precisely.




Karsten Müller is considered to be one of the greatest endgame experts in the world. His books on the endgame - among them "Fundamentals of Chess Endings", co-authored with Frank Lamprecht, that helped to improve Magnus Carlsen's endgame knowledge - and his endgame columns for the ChessCafe website and the ChessBase Magazine helped to establish and to confirm this reputation. Karsten's Fritztrainer DVDs on the endgame are bestsellers. The mathematician with a PhD lives in Hamburg, and for more than 25 years he has been scoring points for the Hamburger Schachklub (HSK) in the Bundesliga.


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