Norway Chess - Live!

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6/7/2024 – The 12th edition of the Norway Chess super-tournament is taking place from May 27 to June 7 in Stavanger. An open event and a women’s event are being played concurrently with an identical number of players, the same format and an equivalent prize fund. Both world champions — Ju Wenjun and Ding Liren — are participating, besides world number one Magnus Carlsen. | Follow the games live starting at 17.00 CEST (11.00 ET, 20.30 IST)

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Round 10

The tournaments are 6-player double round-robins. Each confrontation consists of a classical game, and a potential Armageddon decider in case of a draw.

  • Time control - Classical: Each player gets 120 minutes on the clock for the whole game, with an increment of 10 seconds starting from move 41.
  • Time control - Armageddon: White gets 10 minutes and Black gets 7 minutes, with an increment for both players of 1 second per move starting from move 41.

Win in the classical game: 3 points
Loss in the classical game: 0 points
Draw in the classical game & win Armageddon: 1½ points
Draw in the classical game & loss Armageddon: 1 point

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Live games and commentary

Open - Classical

Open - Armageddon

Women’s - Classical

Women’s - Armageddon

Commentary by David Howell, Anna Rudolf and Danny Rensch

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