Nigel Davies: Bamboozle your opponents with 1.g3

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2/25/2011 – He's made a DVD about the King’s Indian Attack, as well as one on 1.g3. So it was nice for GM Nigel Davies to see his fellow DVD presenter Andrew Martin transpose into the latter using the former! In a recent game Black was forced to play …c6-c5 and contract serious weaknesses. After this Martin trussed him up like a chicken and executed him on the kingside. Instructive video lesson.

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Flank Openings can be great for older players with a rich knowledge of different types of positions because they rely on understanding rather than an exact knowledge of particular moves.

King’s Indian Attack

The King’s Indian Attack is a unique opening system in that it offers White a dynamic and interesting game but without the need to know reams of theory. In addition to being easy to learn it has an excellent pedigree, leading exponents including great players such as Bobby Fischer, Tigran Petrosian, David Bronstein, Viktor Korchnoi, Leonid Stein and Lev Psakhis. It is playable as either a complete, self-contained opening system or as part of a regular 1.e4 repertoire.

On this DVD Davies presents a complete repertoire for White as well as the lines he can use to supplement a King’s Pawn repertoire. Having had extensive experience in these positions he is able to communicate the plans and ideas in lucid fashion. Video running time: more than 5 hours.

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Bamboozle your opponents with 1.g3

Opening a game with 1.g3 appears quiet and unpretentious yet many of the greatest players in history have chosen to play this way. Bent Larsen, Victor Korchnoi, Leonid Stein and Pal Benko have all wielded it with considerable success whilst in more recent times Mikhail Gurevich has been using it highly effectively.

The idea behind this opening is to leave White with the greatest possible flexibility for his pieces and pawns, and indeed the game can transpose into openings as diverse as the Closed Sicilian, the King’s Indian and the Catalan. Yet White can also choose to tread new ground by adopting formations such as a reversed Leningrad Dutch, reversed Alekhine’s Defence or even a reversed Pirc or Modern Defence. All of these formations contain far more poison with White’s extra tempo. On this DVD Davies explains key concepts and ideas behind these unique approaches, whilst also showing how White can transpose into more regular openings if he show chooses. This can provide many opportunities for throwing the opponent on his own resources as well as wrong footing him into something he does not know. Video runnig time: 4 hours.

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Other training DVDs by Nigel Davies

Merci, Nigel
21.03.2010 – Did you know that when White plays 5.Nf3 in the French (1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.e5 Nfd7) that indicates he is going to play against Black’s “hanging pawns” on e6 and d5? It is strategical knowledge of this kind that Nigel Davies presents on his new DVD on the French Defence. Bob Long has gone through the entire course and regards it 'the most useful DVD I have seen in a long time'. Buy it now or read Bobs review with sampler.

GM Nigel Davies: for 35+ only
22.05.2009 – How can older players catch up with the youth? Is there compensation for energy and free time? On this DVD Nigel Davies argues that older players can remain competitive, if they use guile and common sense. William Frost, a fan of the Fritztrainer series and a senior player himself, hafter watching Davies' new DVD says: "bar sales to anyone under thirty-five!". Buy it now or read his review.

Open fight in the closed Sicilian
11.05.2009 – The closed Sicilian usually starts slowly – the first real clash of pieces may come in the middlegame. That is why understanding of strategies and knowledge of motifs is essential here. Nigel Davies' "Closed Sicilian" DVD proves by means of games by Spassky, Karpov, Smyslov etc. that this is a real fighting opening with lots of space for creativity. Buy his DVD now or read more.

Enter the Scotch Game with four knights
26.03.2009 – Thanks to Garry Kasparov the Scotch Game nowadays comes with a huge amount of theory. Nonetheless, it still is an attractive choice for 1.e4 players, and it can be adopted also without swotting. On his new DVD British GM Nigel Davies presents the Four Knights Scotch which is especially suited for club players and can be built into a world class Scotch repertoire. Buy it now or read more.

Nigel Davies – The English Opening
03.12.2008 "I don’t know many people who actually enjoy playing against the English Opening," the reviewer writes. "In my experience, club and tournament players are rarely well prepared to meet it. Thus it seems a very reasonable idea to add it to your collection of favourite openings." You can do this with Nigel Davies' trainer DVD. Order it now or read this review by Sean Marsh.

How to tease your opponent in move two or three
13.07.2008 – Colle, Torre, and London System – all these are d4 openings that you will hardly find a black player who feels happy about. While their general reputation is rather bad, there is simply no refutation. Moreover, they all have been played by world champions. Let Nigel Davies show you why and give you good reasons to rebuild your repertoire without much ado. Buy his QPO-DVDs now or read more.

Put a Nigel in Your Tank
27.06.2008 Good news for consumers of chess software: the price of ChessBase DVDs has not been raised, while the quality stays tops. Nigel Davies is a good example, says Bob Long, who watched Nigel's DVD on the King's Indian Attack. Fasten your seat belts and enjoy this 5+ hours crash course with masterpieces by Fischer, Morozevich, and more. Buy it now or read Bob Long's review.

Clean Tricks and creative attacks
05.06.2008 – As Sean Marsh puts it on his review of two of Nigel Davies' new Fritz Trainer DVDs, the British GM is a "club player's friend, forever imparting sensible and useful information." While his "1.e4 Creative Attacker" comes with a full surprise repertoire, "Chess for Scoundrels" will tell you more about psychology in chess than you may have dreamed of. Buy them now or read this review with samplers.

GM Nigel Davies is there to answer your questions
10.04.2008 – Starting on Sunday, grandmaster Nigel Davies will be giving live online training on the playchess server, from 11 p.m. to 12 a.m. UK time. That means it starts at midnight CEST, 6 p.m. New York or 08:00 a.m. Sidney. In his show, Nigel will be answering viewers' questions and addressing issues which face club players, from opening to endgame. The entrance fee is ten Ducats. Join the fun.

Five stars for Davies' Accelerated Dragon
13.03.2008 – The Accelerated Dragon is a great choice for club players as well as for IM and GMs. It gives Black excellent practical chances not just against 1.e4 – it can also be used against 1.c4, 1.Nf3 or even 1.d4. FM Carsten Hansen, a reviewer for Chess Cafe, wrote a book on the opening. He gives Nigel Davies' ChessBase DVD the full five stars. Buy it now or read more.

Play a real chess game
29.02.2008 – The best guarantee to know more opening theory than your opponent is to put him out of his opening book straight away, with moves like 2.Na3 against the Sicilian or 3.f3 in the Caro-Kann. That is, as GM Davies puts it, to play a real chess game rather than to just replay a latest grandmasters' game upto move 25. Buy his DVD '1.e4 for the Creative Attacker' now or read more.

Five out of five
09.11.2007 – Repertoire DVDs go fast. Especially when they cover a wide range of variations. Nigel Davies' new course '1...d6 Universal' along with his previous Pirc DVD is a powerful prototype learning instrument, for with only these two DVDs you can let White play just everything. FM Carsten Hansen in his monthly Chess Cafe column gave it his top evaluation. Buy it now or read more.

Pure Pirc pleasure
11.06.2007 – The Pirc is a very flexible setup which offers black several plans to create counterplay against the white center. GM Nigel Davies has been a leading Pirc expert for many years. His new DVD with seven hours playing time has been praised a lot already. Buy it now or read Steve Giddins' review with sampler.

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