Newsblog WCC Carlsen-Karjakin: Game 1 draw

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11/11/2016 – Game 1: Draw! The Champ played the Trompovsky. Magnus Carlsen starts the match with White, FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was not present at the opening gala in the Plaza Hotel at the Fifth Avenue but joined the show via Skype. More...

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World Chess Championship News - 2016-11-12

Game No. 1 - Notes by Ruslan Ponomariov:


07.45: Check out the analysis of game one between Carlsen and Karjakin along with the explanation of key positions on ChessBase India.

World Chess Championship News - 2016-11-11

23.54: Draw. Reports and Comments to follow.

Replay the game:


23.47: A draw is most probable. Black seems to be more comfortable. Judit Polgar thinks, Karjakin has the more comfortable position.

22.50: Pictures galore: a colorful report about the press conference and the opening gala.

22.45: Rome was not built in a day - and today's technology is not perfect yet: 


21.05: This is a good one!

20.15: Game No 1 has started. Magnus is playing the Tromp. News flash to follow after the game. First report with updates and further updates with comments on Saturday European time.

13.55: ChessBase India has an illustrated report of the opening ceremony which shows how Magnus Carlsen reacts when asked who he thinks is the world's best chessplayer.

11.25: Just in case you could not follow it live: Norway's VG TV has a 45-minute video of the press conference at the start of the match.

7.43: Is this a response to other predictions?

Apropos: in the interesting comments to our predictions, views, opinions Peter B offers some numbers: "The rating difference of 81 means Karjakin has a 39% chance of winning per game. Doesn't sound too bad, until you account for draws. If 50% are drawn, then it's 50% draw, 36% Carlsen win, 14% Karjakin win, on every game. That translates to Carlsen having a 90% probability of winning a 12 game match."

7.26: The App to follow the games live apparently can still be improved.


By the way: the twitter hashtag for the World Championship is not #WCC2016 - fans of the World Comic Convention are too fond of that - but rather #CarlsenKarjakin.

7.21: The opening gala was illustrious but FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was not in New York because the U.S. Department of Treasury did not yet lift its sanctions against him, which limits his travelling options. However, as the FIDE President writes on "Kirzan today" he joined the gala via Skype.

7.10: German chess journalist Stefan Löffler finally had an answer to a question of many chess fans: who will play with White in game 1?




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