Game 10: Carlsen strikes back / Notes by Wesley So

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11/25/2016 – The World Champion wins his first game in New York City and evens the score: 5-5 now with two games to go. Sergey Karjakin had several chances to equalize but the game was tense and both players missed a lot of opportunities. Wesley So tells us why this was a great game. Newsblog - Nov. 25 ...

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World Chess Championship - Newsblog 2016-11-25

Game No 10 - Notes by Wesley So


17.45 / 11.56 am: Our reporter Maxim Dlugy was there when Carlsen stroke back. See what happened when the watching grandmasters were electrified after 20.Nd2 and before 20...d5 in his report.

Question: Magnus, can you describe the tension and the relief, right now?

Question: What's the strategy for the two last games. Laconic answer by Sergey Karjakin

16.56 Hamburg / 10.56 am New York: Yannick Pelletier did a round up show on game 10 on Watch it here.

13.30 / 7.30: Press conference of game 10: Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin aswer questions from the journalists.

13.09 / 7.09: Press conference of game 10: Magnus Carlsen and Sergey Karjakin share their thoughts about the game.

12.13 / 6.13: Daniel King shows in his video analysis the dramtic moments of game 10.

13.14 / 7.14 am: Spanish novelist Fernando Arrabal joins the scene. Using a metaphor by Garry Kasparov, the vegetarian times are obviously over. Arrabal, who is living in Paris, commentates: "Magnus Carlsen is not eating flesh. He gorges himself on flesh."

9.00 Mumbai/ 4.30 Hamburg/ 10.30 pm New York: ChessBase India tries a novel idea of analyzing the tenth game with the new Tactical Analysis feature of ChessBase 14. Check it out here

2.32 / 20.32: Karjakin resigns! Carlsen evens the match. This loss might be a heavy blow for Karjakin who could have drawn in about 20 moves. With two games to play the score is now 5-5.

02.27 / 20.27: Carlsen solved his biggest problems and reached a rook endgame that looks like a relatively easy technical win. Judit Polgar: "It is impossible that Carlsen does not win."

02.17 / 20.17: A rook endgame is on the board and this endgame is probably won - but Carlsen still might go wrong.

02.10 / 20.10: Karjakin shows tenacious defense again and with 63...Kb8 poses Carlsen unexpected problems. Moreover, Carlsen's clock is ticking down and he suddenly has to find precise moves to secure the win.

02.02 / 20.02: It's an endgame but suddenly tactics flare up and Karjakin might have hopes that Carlsen goes astray in the complications.

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