Newsblog WCC Carlsen-Karjakin, 2016-11-18

11/18/2016 – After one and half hours game six ended in a draw. Tiger Hillarp Persson on game No. 6 - Carlsen played a gambit with ...d5 in an 8.h3 Anti-Marshall and started a highly theoretical battle. The game soon headed towards an opposide coloured bishop endgame which was drawn in a completely equal position after 32 moves. Check out our Newsblog.

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World Chess Championship News - 2016-11-18

Game No. 6 - Notes by Tiger Hillarp Persson:


23:59 / 5:59 pm: After a quick draw we have a quick video analysis. Daniel King's sums things up in his summary of game 6.

21:40 / 3:40 pm: The game ended in a draw. After three fascinating games in rounds three, four and five the players didn't excite the audience today. Tomorrow is a rest day, so Sergey has enough time to prepare something against Carlsen's ...d5!

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

Draw agreed after Carlsen's 32...Be6

21:24 / 3:24 pm: 

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

Both players seem pretty relaxed while the game is heading for a draw

20:58 / 2:58 pm: Nigel Short already has an explanation why this game could become a pretty short one.

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

20:58 / 2:58 pm: As yesterday we can again expect an opposide coloured bishop endgame.

20:54 / 2:54 pm: 

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

20:32 / 2:32 pm: Giri seems to have had this on the board:

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

20:20 / 2:20 pm: After Carlsen's novelty 14...c5 Karjakin takes his time.

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

20:12 / 2.12 pm: Both players are very well prepared and blitz out their moves. Carlsen has is a pawn down but can rely on his bishop pair and space advantage.

20:05 / 2.05 pm: Again Spanish and Karjakin choses again 8.h3 against the Marshall. But this time Carlsen opts for the more forcing 9...d5 instead of the calmer 9...d6 which he has chosen in the 4th game.

19:53 / 1.53 pm: What opening to expect today? Not easy to guess...the last two games Karjakin opted for 1.e4 and Carlsen chose 1...e5 and headed for the Marshall-Attack, an opening we can expect for this game again - but the world champion has a very wide repertoire and could easily surprise his opponent today.

19.37 / 1.37 pm: Starting at 20.00 Hamburg Time / 2.00 pm New York Time: Game No. 6!


15.10 / 9.10 am: Here are the highlights of the press conference. Click here.

14.15 / 8.15 am: Rumors say that team Carlsen wants the break room cam to end. No confirmation by team Carlsen yet. According to unconfirmed information Carlsen wasn't aware of the fact that the stream is published world wide. Some coverage of as well.

Update 23.41 / 5.41 pm: The cams are reportedly gone now.


13.12 / 7.12 pm: Here you find some filmed impressions of game 5:



11.52 / 5.52 am: Our special service for you: Simon Williams's video analysis from about game 5. Click here to watch.

7.00 / 1.00 am: Updates with commentary will follow. Soon after the game ChessBase India has been providing Sagar Shah's perspective on the game ('A perfect draw'). Also, this demonstration of using the names in the media differently is going to stop here, no worries. And don't miss our coverage in yesterday's news blog during the game.

6.55 / 0.55 am: It's not that we like one player more than the other, it's just that we would like to believe there is some kind of fairness in the coverage. By the way: if you like to learn something about Sergey's story, you might like to check out the documentary "Sergey". Don't be disappointed though if you can't understand the quotes in Russian (no subtitles). But you'll get the picture and it is worth the three or four US-Dollars (watch the trailer here)

6.29 / 0.29 am: As pointed out by Garry Kasparov, it's the level of resistance which distinguishes a good player from an extraordinary player. Mr. Carlsen also gets the chance to display extraordinary defensive skills in this game. The Giuoco Piano (pronounciation like this) was a little too soft to cause Black enough problems. Mr. Carlsen reminded Sergey that he was aware of the fact that the challenger had been spanked pretty seriously by Pentala Harikrishna at the Olympiad in Baku as Shank pointed out.

5.47 / 11.47 pm: In the room for the official commentators, motion picture director Bennett Miller ('Capote') was talking to Sam Shankland (Judit Polgar was busy and couldn't attend according to sources) and the other man, who is not very inspiring in his commentary. Mr. Miller also executed the first move by Mr. Carlsen. Also notable was the appearance of Lev Alburt, the conversation with Shanks got a little tense sometimes. What else can we expect? Roman Dzindzichashvili showing up? 

Why is it that official commentators in the cabin refer to Mr. Carlsen most of the time as 'Magnus' ('I don't think Magnus has overlooked this'), whereas they talk about Sergey always as 'Karjakin' ('Well played by Karjakin'). Lack of distance or lack of experience? Biased commentators? Agon made a deal with the Norwegian Cable Network NRK, the art work of the Play Magnus product the same as the art work of the World Chess Championship. Why is that? We are going to ask the press officers. 

Play Magnus design compared to official WCC 2016 artwork

The design concept of Agon's site for the Fide match resembles the design concept of the Play Magnus product. But why?


5.31 Hamburg / 11.31 pm New York: Sometimes a video snippet says more than 1000 Tweets.

8.00 Mumbai/ 3.30 Hamburg/ 9.30 pm New York: Sagar Shah analyzes the key positions and the fifth round encounter on the ChessBase India website. According to his analysis, Sergey Karjakin played an excellent game and held Magnus Carlsen with ease.

Official statement by the organizers:

"It was the first time in the match that Karjakin had Carlsen in real trouble, and Carlsen was clearly not happy with his performance. He grimaced and scowled in the press conference, giving short and curt answers. As soon as the press conference was over, he bolted the stage.

Not surprisingly, Karjakin, who was a 3-to-1 betting underdog prior to the start of the match, was in a much better mood. Though he was in deep trouble in Games 3 and 4, he has managed to avoid any losses thus far.

Five draws to start a World Championship match is far from unprecedented. The first six games of the 2012 title match between Viswanathan Anand and Boris Gelfand were also draws. And the first eight games of the 1995 match between Anand and Garry Kasparov – the last World Championship match to be held in New York City – were also drawn. That match, however, was a best-of-20, not best-of-12."

P.S. (7.50 / 1.30): Some advice for arm wrestling

+ + +

1.15 / 7.15 pm: Draw agreed. The fifth draw in a row but the first, in which Karjakin had serious chances.



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scoobeedo scoobeedo 11/19/2016 05:43
Maybe it would be for coming world championships good to include this option:
- - -

The initial match length is 12 games.
If the first 8 games are all draw, the games to play get extended to 16 games.

If the match was to 16 games extended:
If the first 12 games are all draw, the match get extended to 20 games.

If the match was to 20 games extended:
If the first 16 games are all draw, the match get extended to 24 games.

If the match was to 24 games extended:
If all 24 games are draw the world champion will keep his title.

- - -

This will protect the quality of the match and dont change the games to casino games.

- - -

This extensions of the match could be later played, on a other place, and maybe one month later..

- - -

To find sponsors which dont need to pay for the price money should be easy.
vinniethepooh vinniethepooh 11/19/2016 04:12
there will be only one decisive game. whoever wins that wins!
vincero vincero 11/19/2016 02:58
carlsen is obviously starting to feel pressure as he has yet to win a game .....a position he did not fact..i am now ready to say now the small favorite to win the match...based on his confidence at having held the line against the world champion and the starting odds...which were against him.
prediction.....i do not see more than 3 decisive games possible ...--and i do not believe karjakin can win 2 games against karjakin wins the match 1-0...or will lose it 2-0
sicilian_D sicilian_D 11/19/2016 01:15
for us in Japan, the start time is much too late/early at 4 am. waking up at nine on the saturday, first though that crossed my mind before checking the site was "they must have already drawn it"... and so it was!!
vladivaclav vladivaclav 11/18/2016 11:26
6 draws in a row. everybody underestimated karjakin's drawing power. giri in danger...
gulilero gulilero 11/18/2016 11:08
So far this has been a very disappointing match.
X iLeon aka DMG X iLeon aka DMG 11/18/2016 10:34
I agree with Andrew Martin. 12 games is ridiculous - it should be 20 at least. And as per the earlier convention, a draw should leave the title with the holder. After all he's already earned it! It's up to the challenger to stir things up and snatch it! Cos deciding on weird blitz games is more luck than chess... Nonsense!
flachspieler flachspieler 11/18/2016 06:51
The analysis of game 5 - by John Nunn - is not bad. However, the commentaries on games 1 to 4 were better.
turok turok 11/18/2016 06:48
so even though this is a drawn championship is Karjakin gaining rating points with each draw since Carlsen is a much higher rated opponent? Just curious.
prail prail 11/18/2016 04:50
Unfortunately, the cartoon portraits are dreadfully soulless and unimaginative.
libyantiger libyantiger 11/18/2016 02:28
clash of titans
sicilian_D sicilian_D 11/18/2016 02:27
very nice analysis.
fcotovalm fcotovalm 11/18/2016 01:36
I also agree with toma that 24 games match would the best for this WC.
Roggenossi Roggenossi 11/18/2016 01:23
It looks like that Xavier, that a short match is a blessing - having such players. But I want the old times back, going for six wins without counting draws for example. That means open end. They say it is not possible nowadays, but that is wrong. Choose a less expensive venue, remove useless luxury nobody needs, and so on. 12 games only are a joke for the major title of chess. I do not have any respect for it anymore.
toma toma 11/18/2016 01:10
@proffesor xavier

Ridiculous!! 12 games, really??

24 games match is the only WC match deserving to be called one. That is a real chess war, where novelties and pre-match strategies eventually dry out, and real chess and character strength has to be shown.

Bill Alg Bill Alg 11/18/2016 01:10
@ plancton2260 "Karjakin is then a pawn dawn and Carlsen pawns are all on the rverse color of the bishop and the same for Kajakin". Chess is not so simple as you try to argue in this sentence. There are many other factors that affect the evaluation of a position. Hint: piece activity, King safety
professor xavier professor xavier 11/18/2016 12:41
Now five games and five very lengthy draws that go through the night as its London time here. We can at least be thankful there is not the old format of 24 games. 12 games is quite enough. They will get tired and will make simple errors or I myself will have to change my name.
plancton92260 plancton92260 11/18/2016 09:40
I don't understand where Karjakin could play for a win. Without engine I didn't see how this position could be other things that a draw and engines confirm it to mee. And even if d4 is interesting to activate the bishop Karjakin is then a pawn dawn and Carlsen pawns are all on the rverse color of the bishop and the same for Kajakin. For me this game was equal all the time. But is is right this time Karjakin was better then his 2 previous games where Carlen could really play for the game.