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11/13/2016 – Game 2: Ruslan Ponomariov annotates the second game of the match Carlsen vs Karjakin: "18.de5 looks like a silent draw offer to me." - In his first game with White Karjakin opted for 1.e4 - a Ruy Lopez was on the board soon, and with 6.d3 Karjakin chose a quieter approach. Crowded house in New York. And among the commentating voices Garry Kimovich enters the scene. More...

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World Chess Championship News - 2016-11-13

Game 2 - Notes by Ruslan Ponomariov


13.31 / 7.31 am: By the way: the first official World Championship began in New York, 130 years ago. The match between Wilhelm Steinitz and Johannes Zukertort took place from 11th January to 29th March 1886, and the first five games were played in the Manhattan Chess Club. Zukertort did well in New York and went 4-1 ahead. But then the match moved to St. Louis and New Orleans, and Zukertort suffered a reversal of fortune. In the end Steinitz won 12.5-7.5 to become the first official World Chess Champion.

Wilhelm Steinitz

10.46 / 4.46 am: Daniel King just finished his game 2 summary on playchess. Watch it once again here.

10.43 / 4.43 am: We added impressions of game 2 to our youtube channel. Click here to watch.

10.16 / 4.16 am: Don't miss the report by our man Albert Silver about the crowded house at Pier 16 in New York City.

8.39 / 2.39 am: In matches, you need experience and you will encounter situations that you don't expect to happen. So Garry Kimovich was told by Tal, Petrosian and Spassky in the early 80's before his match with Anatoli Karpow. The voice of the next generation:

8.33 / 2.33 am: Cpt. Martin wants more - 

7.49 / 1.49 am: Crowded house in the market hall. The Star Tribune reporter is detecting trouble in Manhattan. "This is the worst-organized event I've been to in my life," said Carl Fisher of Brooklyn. "It's a terrible disgrace."

7.39 Hamburg time / 1.39 am New York time: Garry Kimovich joins the show: 

2016-11-13 9.00 Mumbai time / 4.30 Hamburg time/22.30 New York time: Was it just a boring dull draw or were there deep points to learn from? ChessBase India offers in-depth analysis of game two. The title "Carlsen's Mysterious rook moves" indicates that there are plenty of things we can learn from the World Champion's play.

23.14  / 5.14 pm New York time: After the game, reporters urged Karjakin to reveal his preparation secrets. Karjakin insists not to talk about openings during the match. Carlsen is impressed and joins forces. A phalanx of two Kings against the international media. Updates within the next 12 twelve hours, including commentary. Game 3 on Monday. 

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