New tricks and new friends in Bahrain

by ChessBase
10/12/2002 – Two free days after game four of the Brains in Bahrain Man-Machine Challenge. One we spent on a sight-seeing tour around the northern section of the main island of Bahrain. On this trip Vladimir Kramnik picked up some valuable tips on how to defend a against the awaited onslaught in game five against Deep Fritz, and he also timorously made friends with some local denizens. Check it out in our Bahrain Gallery IV.

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Bahrain Picture Gallery IV

The brains in Bahrain: Vladimir Kramnik (right) with two seconds, Tigran Nalbandian of Armenia and Christopher Lutz, Germany.

The computer killer Kramnik picked up some interesting ideas for game five by studying the Bahrain Fort Qala'at al-Bahrain very intensely.

My god, it's full of camels! A visit to a camel farm is a must when you visit Bahrain

Here come the ladies: the sexes are well segregrated during the breeding season.

Ahhhh, refreshment after a long day in the desert.

A cowardly GM refusing to touch the thing, while Louise Cottrell of Einstein shows much greater daring-do.

Okay, just a brief touch for you guys. Take the picture quickly. These things bite!

Talking to a journalist while an interested party listens in.

A must: television shots with denizens of the desert in the background.

Hip-hop Kramnik in the desert of Bahrain

...with an equally cool friend

In the historical museum, another must-see in Manama, Bahrain

How some of the ancient Bahrainis ended

This is how they lived at the time (really lucious forests? Well there's a picture in the museum)

The harbour, some millennia later, from where the trade with India was conducted

Dusk breaks on Bahrain in the restaurant tower above the King Faahd Causeway that connects...

Bahrain in the east, no longer visible on the horizon...

... with Saudi Arabia in the west, flooded by the setting sun.


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