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10/31/2007 – Only Shredder can do it! For the past eight years this program has won world championship titles with monotonous regularity. Now Shredder 11 is out. Programmer Stefan Meyer-Kahlen has been hard at work, so that this record run is in no danger of being broken. The strength of the new program has been increased by no less than 100 Elo points. Buy Shredder 11 now or read more.

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Shredder 11 - Many-Time World Computer Chess Champion

What lies behind Shredder's massive improvement in performance is the work which has been done overhauling the evaluation function, which now delivers even more precise judgements. This can also be seen in the playing style of the program. Shredder 11 still enjoys playing attacking chess, but does so in a less speculative way than in earlier versions.

Shredder's world championship titles:

• Jakarta 1996: World micro-computer chess champion
• Paderborn 1999: Computer chess world champion!
• London 2000: World micro-computer chess champion
• Maastricht 2001: World micro-computer chess champion
• Maastricht 2002: Blitz world champion
• Graz 2003: computer chess world champion and blitz world champion.
• Tel Aviv 2004: Blitz world champion
• Reykjavik 2005: Blitz world champion
• Mainz 2006: World Computer Chess960 Champion
• Amsterdam 2007: Blitz world champion

These positive results also help with analysis. The more accurate evaluations confer more reliability on Shredder’s judgements and suggested lines of play. Shredder 11 has also improved in its evaluation of passed pawns.

In addition there is a totally new and important function, “Opening Advisor”. This allows Shredder to handle openings much better, without specific knowledge of the said openings. As usual, Shredder 11 comes complete with compressed endgame databases, the “Shredderbases”, which give the program an access to perfect endgame knowledge with unrivaled speed.

On the DVD you will also find the further improved Shredder opening book, the Fritz 10 user interface with its many functions for beginners, club players and grandmasters as well as access (for 12 months) to the world’s premier chess server Thanks to the latest Fritz interface, the new Shredder 11 is also completely Vista-compatible.

Deep Shredder 11

Deep Shredder 11 is the multi-processor version for PCs with several processors, and also the one best suited to the now very common Dual Core PCs. On a 2-processor system, Deep Shredder 11 is approx. 60 Elo points stronger than the standard version. At the same time Deep Shredder 11 has its Shredderbases in a special version, which raises the speed of access to the endgame information by a factor of 10 compared to the standard version.

System requirements for Shredder 11: Pentium III, 128 MB RAM, Windows XP, Windows Vista DVD-drive, soundcard. 
For Deep Shredder 11 you should have a Dual-Core system at least. Deep Shredder 11 can use up to eight processors.

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