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12/17/2007 – It once started as a disk. Now the new ChessBase Databases Big and Mega 2008 come on DVDs, with 3.8 million games. Mega Database 2008 with 61,000 commented games is the starting point for any serious study of chess. All games are classified by ECO key, names, tournaments, etc. and include the Playerbase 2008 with 30,000 pictures. Buy Mega 2008 now or read more.

ChessBase 17 - Mega package - Edition 2024 ChessBase 17 - Mega package - Edition 2024

It is the program of choice for anyone who loves the game and wants to know more about it. Start your personal success story with ChessBase and enjoy the game even more.


The mother of all Databases

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This is meant as easy as it sounds. Because the ChessBase standard of quality guarantees that you concern yourself with what interests you right away: chess! ChessBase databases are clearly and carefully edited by player and tournament names, checked for doubles and provided with the big ChessBase opening key. This consists of more than 100 000 classification positions, is continually improved and adapted to the growing numbers of games.

A complete survey: Everything on one DVD

The two new databases Big Database 2008 and Mega Database 2008 offer a complete survey from the beginning of tournament chess up to today. Here you will fi nd the great classics before 1945 as well as the highlights of 2007: a total of more than 3.8 million games. Look at the games of your next opponent in the player index. Call up the endgame key and learn how to treat endgames correctly from the old masters, or get a perspective of the newest developments with the opening index. Thanks to the thematic means of access via the indexes and the keys, this is as quick as a flash and you have more time for what is essential.

Simply for reference or with detailed explanation

It’s your choice: The Big Database 2008 with more than 3.8 million unannotated games is the most economical reference work for all subjects relating to chess. But if you want explanations of the games of top players and opening experts in the correct context, the Mega Database 2008 is for you. For this database contains more than 61 000 annotated games. This makes it the biggest collection of annotated games. In many verbal commentaries, for instance, the ideas of opening variations or the correct winning methods in complicated endgames are explained. There is no better way to learn chess.

The DVD MegaDatabse 2008 comes with the up to date ChessBase Players Encyclopaedia with more than 200 000 players‘ entries and 30 000 pictures.

The ChessBase Big and Mega Database 2008 can also be used with Fritz 10 /11 or with the ChessBase 9.0 Reader that comes with the DVD but only ChessBase 9.0 gives access to the Playerbase.


Big Database 2008  € 49.99.

Mega Database 2008 € 149.90.

Update from Mega 2007 to 2008 € 49.99.

Update from Big 2007 or older Megas to Mega 2008  € 99.99.

System recommendations for ChessBase 9.0: Windows XP or better, 1 GB RAM, 2 GHz or better, DVD drive,. New graphics adapter for a fast 3D board. Windows Media Player 9.0 for ChessMedia System.
Minimum requirements: Windows XP, Internet-Explorer 6, DVD-ROM drive, 256 MB RAM, 600 MHz.

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