New leading trio at the Kader-Challenge

by Klaus Besenthal
4/10/2021 – In Round 7 of the Kader-Challenge in Magdeburg, Alexander Donchenko leapfrogged previous leader Rasmus Svane by beating him in their direct encounter. Two players previously equal on points with Donchenko also won their games, so the standings table is now headed by a trio: Matthias Bluebaum, Dmitrij Kollars and Donchenko. In the women’s competition, Jana Schneider is still the sole leader with two rounds to go. | Photo: Kevin Högy

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Kader-Challenge 2021

Round 6 was played on Friday morning. Rasmus Svane, who was leading the standings at that point, played an 18-move theoretical variation against Dennis Wagner before surprising his opponent with a novelty that involved an exchange sacrifice. The strong idea did not quite work as Svane quickly played an imprecise move and subsequently got into trouble. In the end, Svane managed to save the half point. It was, undoubtedly, an exciting game:


Rasmus Svane | Photo: Frank Hoppe

For Frederik, the younger of the Svane brothers, it was high time to score a win after losing three in a row. In his game against Niclas Huschenbeth, he succeeded. Karsten Müller analysed the endgame:


Ein Remis gab es zwischen Andreas Heimann und Alexander Donchenko, die sich somit beide auch nach der 6. Runde einen halben Punkt hinter Rasmus Svane einreihen mussten. Für den Endspiel-Experten war dies aber eine interessante Partie: T+S gegen T+L - das ist meistens spannend! Karsten Müller hat das Wort:


In Round 7, alongside Kollars and Donchenko, the current number one in the German ratings list climbed to the top of the table. Matthias Bluebaum’s victory over Andreas Heimann was, leaving aside a few imprecisions, extremely impressive:


Also leading — Dmitrij Kollars | Photo: Frank Hoppe

Results - Round 6


Results - Round 7


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Women’s section

Fiona Sieber defeated Annmarie Muetsch in a rook ending with an extra pawn, which alone took about 60 moves. However, she did not change the situation at the top of the standings table with her victory.

Fiona Sieber | Photo: Frank Hoppe

Results - Round 5


Standings after round 5


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Klaus Besenthal is computer scientist, has followed and still follows the chess scene avidly since 1972 and since then has also regularly played in tournaments.


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