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3/8/2019 – Courtesy our friends at New in Chess: GM MATTHEW SADLER gives his assessment of ChessBase's tenth volume in the Master Class series on the sixth World Champion Mikhail Botvinnik. Sadler annotates Botvinnik's win in an English Opening over Bent Larsen and concludes this Master Class makes for "a very interesting and entertaining DVD!"

Master Class Vol.10: Mikhail Botvinnik Master Class Vol.10: Mikhail Botvinnik

Our experts show, using the games of Botvinnik, how to employ specific openings successfully, which model strategies are present in specific structures, how to find tactical solutions and rules for how to bring endings to a successful conclusion


Not a bad time to be reading chess books

As I was watching Magnus ­Carlsen’s adventures during the first two days of the World Rapid in St. Petersburg, I realized once again how nice and safe normal life is! While the best player in the world was losing his first two games and venturing 1.e4 e5 2.♕h5, work was finished for me for the year, and my most challenging puzzle was working out how many kilometres I needed to run in order to work off the calories from my mum’s Christmas cooking (52, in case you’re wondering!). However, since the exercise regime would have to wait until I could physically move again, it was not a bad time to be reading chess books, with a glass of port and a mince pie or two of course.

Master Class 10I’d like to start with the ChessBase DVD Master Class Vol.10: Mikhail Botvinnik by Dr. Karsten Müller, Mihail Marin, Oliver Reeh and Yannick Pelletier. I’ve reviewed DVDs from this series very positively over the past couple of years and this DVD keeps up the high standard. Four authors examine different facets of Botvinnik’s play: the opening is covered by Yannick Pelletier, Mihail Marin analyses the distinguishing features of Botvinnik’s middlegame play, while — as always in this series — Dr. Karsten Müller takes care of the endgames and Oliver Reeh presents the best tactics. I can’t think of an easier way to get a feel for the play of a great player than these DVDs: ideal training material for both young and old alike.

From my perspective, the most interesting part of the DVD is the middlegame part, which, as always, is excellently presented by Mihail Marin. Marin typifies Botvinnik’s style as ‘positional-aggressive’: a player who conducted the game primarily according to strategical considerations but who was able to act with great power once he felt that all the necessary conditions for realising his advantage were present. ‘All the necessary conditions’ is the key part of that last sentence. Marin demonstrates some examples in which Botvinnik preferred to maintain or increase his advantage by strategic means rather than exploit a tactical opportunity that seemed uncertain to him (even if the tactical solution was objectively better and even if he saw quite a few elements of the tactical solution).

Take a look at this example:


I found this interesting and spent some time thinking about it. Botvinnik aimed for positions in which he stood well strategically: he controlled the centre, his pieces were more active, the opponent’s pieces were misplaced. From this basis, there are many good types of moves in the realisation of the advantage: not only tactical ones, but also positional ones. It’s tempting just to focus on the missed tactical wins, but each successive strong positional move that Botvinnik played (20.♘e4, 21.♖d7, 22.♘d6 and 23.♖xd6) forced an additional weakness and made Black’s position look increasingly cheerless.

Although it may not be enough to defeat a defensive monster like an engine, from a human point of view Botvinnik’s re-strained play was just as difficult to defend against as a direct attack, and the impression we have of the game is that a strong player as Larsen was squeezed off the board by very simple means. Bear in mind also that Botvinnik’s continued strong positional play gave him multiple chances of finishing off the game tactically due to the difficulties Larsen experienced in defending the position.

A very interesting and entertaining DVD!

Master Class Vol.10: Mikhail Botvinnik

Our experts show, using the games of Botvinnik, how to employ specific openings successfully, which model strategies are present in specific structures, how to find tactical solutions and rules for how to bring endings to a successful conclusion

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