New in Chess 2016/4 is out

by New In Chess
6/23/2016 – The current issue of the Dutch chess magazine honors Garry Kasparov's impressive performance in the St. Louis Blitz Challenge and has a frank interview with Magnus Carlsen about his success at the Norway Chess tournament. Nigel Short ponders about pleasant ways to improve one's chess performance while Judit Polgar praises the pawns. And much more...

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Contents on New in Chess 2016/4...

Bat, Ball & Chess
Major League Baseball chess.

NIC’s Café
Without oxygen: pretty stupid moves at 8,000 meters. Queen of Katwe, the movie. The secrets of hip-hop chess and Disney chess. Nona Gaprindashvili’s 75th birthday. The Star Wars chess franchise.

Your Move
Dr Danny Kopec on modern chess. Uday Bajracharya on GM’s that don’t know how to play the ending.

Being good at classical chess doesn’t automatically mean you're good at blitz (and vice versa).

Fair & Square
What Isaac Bashevis Singer, Björk, Seth Meyer, Arnold Schwarzenegger and others said about chess.

Fourth time lucky
Not even a slip in the penultimate round could undermine Magnus Carlsen’s determination. Hitting back on the final day, he finally claimed Norway Chess. An on-the-spot report with exclusive annotations by Aronian (his win against Magnus, of course), MVL, Harikrishna and Carlsen’s second Nielsen.

Interview: Magnus Carlsen
“I can do much better and I need to be sharper.”

Judit Polgar’s column
Famous for het piece play, Judit certainly appreciates a good pawn when she sees one.

Chess Pattern Recognition
Even in the most hideous of places your bishop may be of use.

To boldly go…
Nigel Short’s column: sex is good for your chess.

Caruana US Champion
In his debut(!), the American number one prevailed in the strongest US Championship in history. Nazi Paikidze was the sensational winner in the women’s competition. With masterclasses by Caruana, So, Akobian and Nazi herself.

Celeb 64
Woody Harrelson, chess player.

Maximize Your Tactics
Train your tactical skills with Russian expert Maxim Notkin.

A severe case of ‘Prophylactitis’ against the Najdorf on move 6!

Back to the Future
He didn’t win, but Garry Kasparov was the star of the Ultimate Blitz Challenge. Anish Giri thoroughly enjoyed the Boss’s games, Garry himself gives a masterclass and promises to practice a little more next time.

Sadler on Books
Mathew Sadler reviews four books: ‘Dynamic Chess Strategy’ by Suba, ‘Train Your Chess Pattern Recognition’ by Van de Oudeweetering, ‘Kotronias on the KI’ and ‘The Big Book of World Chess Championships’ by Schulz.

Fischer vs. Karpov
Mihail Marin started an investigation that might see one of his heroes fall off his pedestal.

A scholar of beauty
Hans Ree on the multi-faceted career of François Le Lionnais, a French writer whose life was saved by chess.

Parimarjan’s Chess Gym
What to do when there’s nothing going on at the board?

Solingen returns
Jan Timman looks at a most remarkable season in the German Bundesliga.

Just Checking
Nils Grandelius would like to have dinner with Josep Broz Tito.

New In Chess 2016/4

Publisher: New In Chess, 2016
Edition: Magazine
ISBN: 978-90-5691-650-3
Pages: 108
Language: English

New In Chess (NIC) was founded in 1984 and appears eight times a year. It is read by club players in 116 countries. A yearly subscription for eight issues costs €79.99.


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