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11/19/2010 – We are pleased open the virtual doors to our new online shop, bringing new features to help simplify your purchases, payable also with PayPal and Ducats(!), as well as manage your PlayChess account, and download versions of our programs you bought, with the option to re-download if you need. We are giving away four weeks of Premium Playchess subscriptions too! Let us give you a quick tour.

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We are proud to announce the new ChessBase Shop, which has been in development for some time and has now been opened to the public. The new Shop is more than just a facelift, and brings a number of improvements to help you not only find what you want, but also bring modern advantages to you. To celebrate this opening, we are also offering one month of Premium subscription to Playchess with any purchase made today. This means you’ll enjoy the unlimited multimedia experience (lectures, simuls, and more), and this will extend through the upcoming London Chess Classic, so you can enjoy the multimedia grandmaster commentary we will also be providing free to Premium subscribers!

The new Chessbase Shop, a friendlier face to shop at

Allow us to give you a quick tour of the changes we have included to improve your experience with us.
Upon entering the new shop, you will notice the change in appearance, with a classic, though much improved appearance. Beyond the familiar types of programs available on the left, there is also a new Authors page. This allows you to also peruse the list of authors by name and see all the products they authored.

The current list of authors whose name starts with a K

For example, if you were to scroll down to the letter K, and then choose ... Kasimdzhanov (we just know that was the first name starting with K that came to your mind, right?), a page opens up with the player’s picture, a summary of who they are, and a list of their products.

The author's profile is presented with their products

While nice, and certainly practical, this is but a scratch on the surface. If you fill out the new Account info, you will also be able to simplify future transactions, including bank info, keep track of your Playchess account to add Ducats (the in-game currency), and keep track of any download versions of our programs you may have purchased.

The new Account option to allow you to manage your information, purchases, and download

Suppose you had to reformat your computer and lost your copy. From your account, you will be able to simply re-download it and reinstall, without any hassle or back and forth email requests.

A quick view of what the Account page gives you access to

Furthermore, suppose you have a quantity of Ducats in your Playchess account, that you use to pay for private classes, or buy premium material, now you can simply use those same Ducats you have in your Playchess account to pay for your purchases.

Finally, by registering an account, you will also have the option of receiving our monthly newsletter – with the latest news from the chess world, not to mention what is new at ChessBase. Don’t forget, if you make a purchase during this inauguration, you will also receive four weeks of Premium subscription added to your Playchess account. Have fun and happy mates!

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