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8/9/2013 – If 50% of all White players fail to find the best continuation on move four, everything indicates that Black chose a line with excellent practical chances. 3...Na5 against the Rossolimo-Variation in the Sicilian is such a line. In the new CBM 155 GM Leonid Kritz takes a close look at this move. And you can download his article for free! More...

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Leonid Kritz was born in Moscow in 1984 and came to Germany at the age of 12. His greatest success in junior chess was becoming Youth U16 World Champion in 1999. In 2003 Kritz became a grandmaster and in the following year he eliminated the leading Indian player Sasikiran from the FIDE World Championships. In April 2008 Kritz made his first jump over the line of 2600 Elo points. Kritz is studying Mathematics in Baltimore, (USA).

To date Leonid Kritz has authored four training courses in video format.

For more than five years Kritz has been writing articles for ChessBase Magazine. His opening articles focus on the French, the Ruy Lopez, and, first of all: the Sicilian. One well-known advocate of the line 3...Na5 against the Rossolimo-Variation (3.Bb5), which Kritz presents in the new CBM-issue, is the Croatian Grandmaster Zdenko Kozul, European Champion of 2006: He has an almost 100% score in this line!

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