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8/28/2009 – The recently improved "Reference" function of ChessBase Light 2009 is useful for more than just work on the opening. It is a powerful tool to use to prepare for a specific opponent. You can access and evaluate the relevant games quickly and simply, e.g. with a click of the mouse in the player index. This is vitally important for tournament and correspondence players. Take a look...

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Reference search when preparing for an opponent
Rapid investigation of an opponent’s opening repertoire

The technique used to quickly get a survey of specific openings ("Reference") can also be employed for rapid preparation for a game. In the player list for any database you can choose with a right-click whether a specific player’s repertoire with White or with Black should be evaluated and displayed.

Using the reference function in the player index, here Carlsen as Black
The following only takes seconds.

King’s Indian repertoire of Teimour Radjabov: evaluation of his games with the King’s Indian Defence.

The moves with their statistics, sortable, hints and critical variation

Thus, e.g., within seconds you can see what is the best line to take with White against Teimour Radjabov’s King’s Indian Defence and at a glance what have been the results achieved by his opponents against it so far.
Tip: you would be better playing 1.e4.

If your Elo rating is not over 2700 and tomorrow’s game is not against Radjabov, but against Tom, Dick or Harry, then the reference function can still be of great use in preparing for your opponent. The function is so rapid that even with only a small time window, e.g. in the short pause between double rounds, it can be employed with great success.

Other uses of the "Reference" function:

The opening reference can be used with any databases you wish, i.e. not only with the database you have designated as your reference database. If, for example, you organise correspondence games or specific openings in separate databases, you can also search for references in them. And accessing the function is just as simple: a right-click on the relevant database in the main window.

Calling up "Reference" from a specific selection of games is also possible. This is useful when, e.g., you are in an opening key and would like to have a quick glance at the relevant statistics. The reference search can also be accessed here with a right-click of the mouse.

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