Negi crushes Politiken

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8/6/2013 – Despite not having a perfect start, like GM Ivan Cheparinov did with 6/6, Negi showed great class throughout the tournament and won the most important Scandinavian open of the year. The Bulgarian had to content himself with sharing second place with many other players, including Romain Edouard, Sebastian Maze and Hansen Sune Berg. Report of the tournament.

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The Politiken Cup took place in Helsingor, Denmark from July 27th to August 4th. This tournament has become a very popular and strong open tournament that attracts many grandmasters. Topping off the roster this year included Ivan Cheparinov, Romain Edoaurd, Parimarjan Negi, Hrant Melkumyan, Sergey Erenburg, Robin Van Kampen amongst a total of 21 grandmasters - including the living legends Jan Timman and Lajos Portisch.

The players overwhelmingly agreed that the location was very beautiful. Helsingor, or Elsinore as it is sometimes referred to in English-speaking countries, derives its name from "narrow strait" referring to the strait that separates this city in Denmark from Helsingborg, Sweden to the other side.

Kronborg castle, the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet

The narrow strait that gives the city its name

The tournament saw a lot of fighting chess, and prove of that was the unusual high score of the top finishers. An open tournament is very commonly won with 8.0/10 or even sometimes a big tie happens at 7.5/10. However this time around 7.5 was only enough for a tie for 9th!

GM Sergey Erenburg recently switched his federation to the US. He scored 7.5/10 but that was insufficient for the podium.

GM Parimarjan Negi had a key victory against GM Brunello in the last round.

The playing hall was absolutely excellent... was its view.

Hrant Melkumyan was knocked out of the top places by losing to the eventual winner in round nine

Ivan Cheparinov was smashing the tournament with 6/6, but met his match on round nine when he was taken down by Brunello

David Smerdon from Australia was a last minute entry to the tournament, here playing the young dutch prodigy Van Kampen

When all was said and done it was Parimarjan Negi that took the tournament. In his last five out of six games he defeated grandmasters Portisch, Bulski, Maze, Melkumyan and Brunello while that sixth game was a draw against Cheparinov. Not a bad run for anyone!

When asked about his success in this tournament Parimarjan attributed it partially to the beautiful playing site and the ability to play football every day after the tournament. The Indian used this tournament as a preparation for the upcoming World Cup where he will play Kryvoruchko in the first round of the knock-out. "The weather and the people are nearly the same (as Tromso)" remarked Negi.

Top four finishers: Maze, Edouard, Negi and Cheparinov

Rk. Name FED Pts.  TB1  Rp
1 Negi Parimarjan IND 9.0 55.0 2779
2 Cheparinov Ivan BUL 8.0 59.0 2698
3 Edouard Romain FRA 8.0 57.5 2667
4 Maze Sebastien FRA 8.0 54.5 2593
5 Hansen Sune Berg DEN 8.0 54.5 2607
6 Timman Jan H NED 8.0 53.0 2618
7 Brunello Sabino ITA 8.0 52.5 2627
8 Van Kampen Robin NED 8.0 49.0 2470
9 Erenburg Sergey USA 7.5 55.0 2597
10 Melkumyan Hrant ARM 7.5 55.0 2582

TB1: Buchholz

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