Another world record: Navara and Movsesian play a simul

by ChessBase
12/5/2016 – Timur Gareyev used the weekend to set a new world record in Las Vegas by playing 48 games blindfold simultaneously, and David Navara and Sergei Movsesian spent the weekend in Prague to also set a new world record in simultaneous chess: they played 12 games against each other - at the same time. Navara won 8.5-3.5.

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Photos: Anezka Kruzikova

The event took place in the "Luziny" shopping mall in Prague and many people stopped to see the grandmasters in action.

The poster for the match was designed by Jan Hruby, a well-known Czech artist.

Organiser Pavel Matocha (left) introduces Sergey Movsesian (center) and David Navara (right)

The grandmasters first had to show their skills by...

... playing against the public.

But then Sergei Movsesian (left ) and David Navara (right)
were to play a simul of 12 games against each other.

This was not the first such simul...

... but never before have two grandmasters played so many games
simultaneously against each other.

12 games - that's a new world record. Both players are probably happy to set this world record but David Navara is probably a bit happier - he won the match 8.5-3.5.

The games


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