Another world record: Navara and Movsesian play a simul

by ChessBase
12/5/2016 – Timur Gareyev used the weekend to set a new world record in Las Vegas by playing 48 games blindfold simultaneously, and David Navara and Sergei Movsesian spent the weekend in Prague to also set a new world record in simultaneous chess: they played 12 games against each other - at the same time. Navara won 8.5-3.5.

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Photos: Anezka Kruzikova

The event took place in the "Luziny" shopping mall in Prague and many people stopped to see the grandmasters in action.

The poster for the match was designed by Jan Hruby, a well-known Czech artist.

Organiser Pavel Matocha (left) introduces Sergey Movsesian (center) and David Navara (right)

The grandmasters first had to show their skills by...

... playing against the public.

But then Sergei Movsesian (left ) and David Navara (right)
were to play a simul of 12 games against each other.

This was not the first such simul...

... but never before have two grandmasters played so many games
simultaneously against each other.

12 games - that's a new world record. Both players are probably happy to set this world record but David Navara is probably a bit happier - he won the match 8.5-3.5.

The games


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FOffermann FOffermann 12/8/2016 11:30
Status report: Caro-Kann Knight endgame corrected, Elo rating corrected. Thank you :)
Petrarlsen Petrarlsen 12/8/2016 03:12
@ Former Prodigy : I'm a little late... but I want to congratulate you on this very good result ! (A quite impressive domination over a very strong player ; you obviously master particulary well this new format !)

I think that such a "match" (it is a kind of match) is quite interesting ; it must show quite different qualities from a match where there would be 12 rapid games played one after another (...I calculated that, with this time control, the games from this double-simul must correspond to rapid games).

I find this type of simul personally very interesting, and I would much like to see other grandmasters playing such simuls.
Uommibatto Uommibatto 12/7/2016 06:33
Agree totally with Nimzo5! Very cool of Mr. Navara to stop by and comment. I've played over the first half of the games, and so far all of them were very exciting and tense. Looks like a very high quality given the circumstances. Q: What was the time control for each game?
nimzo5 nimzo5 12/7/2016 01:15
Kudos to Mr. Navara for taking the time to comment!
Former Prodigy Former Prodigy 12/6/2016 09:30
I would also like to correct some inaccuracies in the game file. My alleged rating is too high and the last move 52.Kd4 in Movsesian - Navara (Caro-Kann, knight endgame) was not played.
Former Prodigy Former Prodigy 12/6/2016 09:14
I am not particularly interested in the records, but it was a nice event. The final score does not reflect the drama of the match, which was fairly balanced for a long time.
David Navara, Czech Republic
fakefischer72 fakefischer72 12/6/2016 10:36
onyman you are talking tosh - that is the whole point of world records - anyone can set there parameters
onyman onyman 12/5/2016 07:27
Technically it obviously is a world record, because no one has ever done it before in public.

But right tomorrow my chessfriend and I could set a new "world record" by doing this on 30 boards (and also much more, but it is getting exhausting).
onyman onyman 12/5/2016 06:55
A GM-title is completely irrelevant for those kind of world records.
Pogous Pogous 12/5/2016 06:27
Have ever been played another GM match on more than 12 boards simultanously? I know about the match between Tal and Bronstein on 8 boards only. So that this event can be marked as the "world record".
onyman onyman 12/5/2016 05:34
World record??? Every club player can give a clock simul on an almost endless number of boards.

This was just a clock simul performed by two players simultanously.