Navara beats Movsisian in CEZ Chess Trophy 2011

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6/24/2011 – This event gives chess enthusiasts the opportunity to attend lectures, play in simuls – one of them, on thirty boards, by World Champion Vishy Anand – and watch the two strongest players of the Czech Republic and Slovakia play a six-game match, all in the Michna Palace at Prague's Kampa. Navara won the match (+1 =5). We bring you a big pictorial by Vladimír Jagr.

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The ČEZ Chess Trophy 2011

Photo report by Vladimír Jagr

World champion Viswanathan Anand played a simultaneous exhibition against thirty opponents in Prague to kick off a six-game match between the best chess players of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, GMs David Navara and Sergei Movsesian. The event took placed in the Michna Palace at Prague's Kampa, and was accompanied by lectures delivered by Lubomir Kavalek, Vlastimil Hort, Yochanan Afek and Vitezslav Houska.

Vishy in Prague: with organiser Pavel Matocha

The World Champion came to give a 30-board simul

Anand is unfazed (?!) by Pavel's trademark hairstyle, which we have known it for years

With vollyball star Kristyna Nemcova in a sari!

Michna Palace – venue of the simul and the CEZ Chess Trophy 2011

Anand in the 30-board simul

The President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus (white shirt) watching games

Outside: Vlastimil Hort, Lubomir Kavalek, Anatoly Karpov and Bessel Kok

Anand in front of a picture of Jaroslav Šajtar (1921–2003), Czech IM and FIDE vice-president

TV editor Zuzana Tvaruzkova with other famous player pictures

The players

GM David Navara, 26, has been for many years and still is the best chess player in the Czech Republic. He regularly represents his land on the chess Olympiads or international tournaments. During the annual festivals of the Prague Chess Society he played matches against Anatoly Karpov, Viktor Kortchnoi, Vladimir Kramnik, Nigel Short, Boris Gelfand, Alexei Shirov, Vassily Ivanchuk and Judit Polgar. His highest world rank was the 13th place (from 1 January to 30 June 2007), now he is occupying the 22nd place (Elo 2722).

In January 2007 he played his first supertournament (Corus 2007 in Wijk aan Zee), where he managed to draw with former World Champion Vladimir Kramnik, current World Champion Viswanathan Anand and with Veselin Topalov. He even beat last year's world leader in Elo rating Magnus Carlsen. In summer 2007 he won the prestigious tournament in rapid chess in Mainz, Germany, in which participated 762 chess players from all around the world, including the Grandmasters of the top ten. On the European Individual Championship in Budva he shared the first to eleventh place, qualifying for the World Cup.

After graduation at secondary school, David Navara successfully passed exams at four universities and decided to study the Logic at the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, which he finished in 2010. He is single, lives with his parents and younger brother. Among his hobbies are reading sociological literature and watching historical documentaries. He is not interested in sport, except the chess, of course.

GM Sergei Movsesian, 32, was born in Tbilisi, Georgia, but since 1994 he has been living permanently in the Czech Republic. Currently Sergei represents Armenia and in the world ranking he is 29th place (Elo 2716). His highest rank ever was tenth place in the world (early 2009). His greatest achievements include reaching the quarterfinals on the World Championship in 1999 in Las Vegas, winning the Blitz European Championship in 2002, in the same year then silver medal on the European Championship in rapid chess and in 2008 winning the silver medal on the European Championship in Plovdiv. Due to his convincing victory in the B tournament in Wijk aan Zee in 2008, Sergei got the opportunity to participate in the major supertournament in 2009. He shared the second to fourth place there, behind the winner Karjakin and with the same number of points as Aronian and Radjabov.

In 2007 he won the strongest tournament of the Czech and Czechoslovak history – the Czech Coal Carlsbad Chess Tournament, held in Karlovy Vary on the anniversary of 100 years since the first international tournament in the Czech lands was held. In the Carlsbad tournament participated even three players with former ELO rating above 2700 - Alexei Shirov, Vladimir Akopian and Ruslan Ponomariov.

Sergei speaks eight languages fluently. He lives in Prague with his girlfriend Julie Kochetkova and likes reading (favourite author is Stephen King). He is an active fan of the ice-hockey club Pardubice.

Anand executes the first move in the game Sergei Movsesian vs David Navara

GM Lubomír Kavalek commenting the game...

... and analyses it with Vishy Anand

Czech TV interviews author and journalist Vítězslav Houška

Navara vs Movsesian in round four

Navara David - Movsesian Sergei [B48]
ÈEZ Chess Trophy Prague CZE (4), 17.06.2011
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 Qc7 6.Be3 a6 7.Bd3 Nf6 8.0-0 Nxd4 9.Bxd4 Bc5 10.Be2 e5 11.Bxc5 Qxc5 12.Qd3 b5 13.a4 b4 14.Nd5 Nxd5 15.Qxd5 Qxd5 16.exd5 d6 17.f4 f6 18.a5 Ke7 19.fxe5 fxe5 20.c3 Bb7 21.c4 Bc8 22.Rad1 Rf8 23.Rxf8 Kxf8 24.c5 dxc5 25.d6 Be6 26.Rc1 Ke8 27.Rxc5 Kd7 28.Bf3 Rf8 29.Rc7+ Kxd6 30.Rc6+ Ke7 31.Rxa6 Bc4 32.Rb6 e4 33.Rxb4 Bd3 34.Be2 Rc8?

35.Bxd3 exd3 36.Kf2 Rc5 37.a6 Re5 38.a7 d2 39.Rb7+ Ke6 40.a8Q d1Q 41.Qc8+

And now because of 41...Kd5 42.Qd7+ Kc4 43.Qxd1 (or 41...Kf6 42.Qf8+ Ke6 43.Qf7+ Kd6 44.Qd7+ Kc5 45.Rb5+ Kc4 46.Qc6+ Kd3 47.Qc3+ Ke4 48.Rxe5+ Kf4 49.Qg3#) Black resigned. 1-0.

David Navara, Lubomir Kavalek, Sergei Movsesian analyzing the fourth round game

The winner by 3.5:2.5 (+1 =5): David Navara


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