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2/14/2003 – After three rounds of the Aeroflot Open in the famed Hotel Rossija everything is still, well open. After three rounds there are six players with a perfect 3/3 score: Aleksandrov, Bologan, Efimenko, Alexander Moiseenko, Najer and Zvjaginsev. Only a small number of games have become available, so we bring you a picture report by Eugeny Atarov.

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Aeroflot Open Moscow 2003

February 10 to 20, 2003

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Chess Express 64

The Aeroflot Open International Chess Festival in Moscow is being staged with 481 participants from 38 countries. There are three groups:

  • The A group has 201 players, including 143 grandmasters, with ratings of 2400 or higher. The winner of that group will get $25,000 and a place in the July elite tournament in Dortmund, Germany. Other prizes: $15,000, $10,000, 2 x $5000, 3 x $3000, 5 x $2000, 7 x $1000, 5 x $800, 5 x $600, 6 x $500 (total 36 prizes). This group is very strong, with the top seeds being Alexander Grischuk and Peter Svidler. Here's the full list of participants.

  • Group B has 170 players, with ratings down to 2150. The winner receives $6,000, other prizes are $4000, $2500, $2000, $1500, 5 x $1000, 5 x $700, 5 x $500, 5 x $400, 10 x $300 (total 35 prizes).

  • Group C is open to anyone with a FIDE rating lower than 2201. Prizes: $3000, $1500, $1200, $1000, $800, 5 x $500, 5 x $400, 10 x $300, 10 x $200 (total 35 prizes).

Picture gallery after round three

The Aeroflot Open 2003 takes place in Moscow 10th-20th February 2003. Alexander Moiseenko, Vadim Zvjaginsev, Aleksej Aleksandrov, Zahar Efimenko, Evgeniy Najer and Viktor Bologan are the only players on 3/3 in a field including Leok Van Wely, Emil Sutovsky, Sergei Rublevsky, Alexei Dreev, Alexander Grischuk, Joel Lautier, Gregory Kaidanov, Vladimir Epishin, Julio Granda Zuniga, Artur Jussupow, Peter Svidler and Alexander Morozevich only as a random sample of names.

The Red Square: Spassy tower, Lenin's mausoleum, Vassily Blazhenny cathedral and Hotel Rossija in the background.

The venue: Hotel Rossija, which has 2876 rooms and is considered the largest hotel in the world. In front of the main enterance is a giant tournament banner.

Artur Yussupov and Sergey Dolmatov, with the sponsor's vending machine

Raphale Vaganian

Olga Alexandrova (25) scored two points in the first two rounds, beating Sulskis and Burmakin.

Pensive: Vladislav Tkachiev

The hero of the day, Merab Gagunashvili, who beat top seed Morozevich.

Alexander Motylev and Konstantin Landa, losers in the first round. They went down to Alisa Galliamova and Karpov's second Mikhail Podgaets.

The "clone rangers": Alexander Morozevich and Vadim Zvjagintsev

Evgeny Sveshnikov, the inventor of an opening

Relaxed: Artur Jussupow celebrated his 43rd during round three

The favorites, playing in the middle of the hall: Peter Svidler drew against Yuri Balashov, Sergey Zagrebelny lost to Alexey Dreev.

12-years-old prodigy Kateryna Lahno, the most sensation player in tournament. The club mate of Sergey Karjakin fulfilled a women's GM norm last April, when she was 11, and broke the record held by Judit Polgar. Unfortunately Kateryna lost to Mchedlishvili in round two.

Three warriors: Grischuk, Dreev, Malakhov. All three drew in round 3

The enigma Bu Xiangi. 2.5 points, who knows what to expect of him?

Chess players packed in the halls and galleries of the Rossija

One of the most popular spots of the venue: the bulletin board.

Games and results are available at the official web site.

Eugeny Atarov ("64")

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