Morozevich leads in Biel

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7/30/2003 – Alexander Morozevich, Super-GM from Moscow, is in the lead at the Super-GM tournament at the 36th International Chessfestival in Biel (Switzerland). He is closely followed by the young French player Etienne Bacrot and Israeli Ilia Smirin. We bring you games, results and an illustrated report.

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GM tournament standing after eight rounds
1. Alexander Morozevich 
2679 6.0
2. Etienne Bacrot
2645 5.5
3. Ilja Smirin
2656 5.5
4. Yannick Pelletier
2602 2.5
5. Christopher Lutz
2631 2.5
6. Viktor Korchnoi
2628 2.0

Bacrot, Pelletier, Lutz, Korchnoij, Smirin and Morozevich

Picture Gallery

The city of Biel (or Bienne) is famous for it watch manufacturers

The Gerchtigkeitsbrunnen (justice fountain) at the Burgplatz

The Gerchtigkeitsbrunnen surrounded by typical Swiss houses

A real, honest-to-goodness watchmaker in Biel

Chess fever on the streets of the Swiss town

Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland) vs Christopher Lutz (Germany)

Viktor Korchnoij (Switzerland) vs Ilja Smirin (Israel)

Tournament leader Alexander Morozevich

Giant projection display of the games in the playing hall

Viktor Korchnoij and wife Petra watch the action on the screens

Women's world vice champion Alexandra Kosteniuk playing in the Masters

Child prodigy GM Sergey Karjakin (13), accompanied by his mother

Nathalie Bonnafous from France playing in the Masters

Spectator engrossed by the action

One of the contenders in the Masters: GM Pavlovic Milos from Jugoslavia

Another contender: GM Al-Modiakhi from Quatar

Pictures by André Schulz

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