Morelia – Topalov vs the Monarcas

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2/25/2006 – Veselin Topalov is not having a good tournament. But as FIDE world champion he has duties, which include attending functions organised by the hosts. On a free day Topalov paid a visit to the Morelia soccer club, played an exhibition game against the goalkeeper, and fired three penalty shots at him. Guess who was good at what.

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Topalov vs Los Monarcas fútbol club

By Nadja Woisin

The club Atlético Monarcas Morelia, the Monarchs of Morelia, also known simply as "Los Monarcas", are a Mexican First Division football league team. On the first free day for the chess players in Morelia the club invited Veselin Topalov for a PR event that involved the FIDE world champion playing a garden chess game against the goalkeeper of the club, Moises Muñoz, who was assisted by his team mates. After that Topalov had to shoot three penalties at the goalie. The result was hardly surprising, as we shall presently see.

The Estadio José María Morelos y Pavón stadium, owned by the TV station TV Azteca.

The inside of the giant stadium

The entire Monarchs team – with a chess player in the middle

The team:

  • 1 Miguel Fuentes
  • 2 Edgar Solano
  • 3 Alejandro Pliego
  • 4 Carlos H. González
  • 5 Wilson Tiago
  • 6 José Vargas
  • 7 Damian Ariel Álvarez
  • 9 Rafael Márquez Lugo
  • 10 José Antonio Rosas
  • 11 Osmar Aparecido
  • 12 Jorge Alberto Rosas
  • 13 Cristian Nasuti
  • 14 Ever Guzmán
  • 15 Fernando Arce
  • 16 Mario Moreno
  • 17 José Emmanuel Rodríguez
  • 18 Luis Gabriel Rey
  • 19 Mariano Trujillo
  • 20 Edgar Israel Tolentino
  • 21 Alberto Lucio
  • 22 Junior Félix Madrigal
  • 23 Moises Muñoz
  • 24 Yasser Corona
  • 25 Guillermo Alvarez
  • 26 Charel Hernández
  • 27 Omar Trujillo
  • 29 Ever Guzman

The President of the club is Álvaro Ramiro Dávila Alanís.

There he is, the chess champion in the middle of the football stars

Now comes the chess, with the team mascot helping Topalov

Veselin keeps winning piece after piece, in spite of the combined efforts of the team

Some of the players even have to help him hang on to the booty. Topalov won.

After that Veselin Topalov, chess champion...

...shows his skills in a completely different area

... fútbol, Mexican style.

And is rewarded with a special club shirt.

Three "kings": the football mascot, Topalov and the president of the municipality of Morelia, Salvador López Ordunia

Tolalov in interview

The Monarchas goalkeeper Moises Muñoz

Topalov's manager Silvio Danailov, with Juan Fernández, Mayor of Linares

After the terrible loss to Topalov in chess the Mexican fútbol club sought revenge on the green turf. Veselin was asked to try his hand (leg?) at penalty shots. He got to make tree attempts – all were held or went wide. We are pleased to inform you that Topalov plans to stick with chess. You can watch it all unfold in the video given below


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