Monster Chess - Giant robot LEGO® chess set

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10/13/2010 – There was a time LEGO® was the domain of children alone, then along came adults who decided they needed to outdo the kids, and there are even serious LEGO® artists who exhibit all around. Team Hassenburg put together a project dubbed "Monster Chess" made of over 100,000 LEGO® chess pieces, which they presented at Brickworld. See the videos of this giant robot LEGO® chess set.

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This has to be one of the neatest chess projects we have seen, both in concept and execution. First picture a robot chess set. Now imagine the board is about 3.8 x 3.8 meters (or 12 x 12 feet). Finally imagine each giant robot piece is actually made of LEGO®  pieces, and with this you have the Monster Chess set.

View of the white side of the Monster Chess set. Not only do they move around,
making room for other pieces to pass, but many of the pieces are animated, such as
the knights that claw at the air.

This staggering project built by Team Hassenburg, and led by Steve Hassenburg, took four people about a year to create, and is utterly complete in its execution. The robot set is controlled by a tablet PC with software that allows you to do what you would expect of a normal chess program: play against a friend, play against the computer, replay a saved game, etc.

Introductory video explaining how it works.

The set itself is comprised of over 100 thousand LEGO®  pieces, including 37 thousand in the chessboard, 17 thousand in the robot bases, 17 thousand in the bodies, 22 thousand in the mosaics, and a little over 1853 in the move selection center. The estimated retail cost of this endeavor was over $30,000, and has been displayed at the noted LEGO®-based event called Brickworld.

Video of a short master game being replayed.

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