Monday night: chess lessons for beginners and fans

6/22/2009 – Bulgarian chess trainer Valeri Lilov gives live online training on the Playchess server. On Mondays at 20:00h CEST (7 p.m. London, 2 p.m. New York) he will comment practical chess problems and key parts of games from recent super-tournaments. This time, the games will be from the recently finished Super GM tournament in Poikovsky and there will be live audio commentary. For this week's Playchess lecture you can try to solve the following position. The solution will be revealed in the Monday evening show. Come Monday night and improve your chess while having a lot of fun! Take a look, it’s free!

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Welcome back to the Monday night chess show led by the FIDE master Valeri Lilov! This coming Monday you will have the invaluable opportunity to watch a free live discussion on the most important moments in the GM-level games recently played at the super-tournament in Poikovsky. FM Valeri Lilov is a renowned chess coach and commentator dedicated to preparing quality chess lectures and videos on the most recent finds in chess theory. In addition to his work as a chess coach, he often takes part in a live commentaries of important tournaments played both at national and international level. These days, he is working hard as a commentator of the Fourth European School Team Chess Championship held in his home town, Varna, Bulgaria. You can review his chess website at http:/ and also sign up as his students all for free. In this interesting position, we see black kingside pawns have reached the second rank and threaten to be promoted. However, it's always possible for white to give a perpetual check with 1.Qd8+ Ka7 2.Qa5+. The question is: Is there anything more than just a draw for white and is it possible for them to use black's weakened king position and get an advantage? Check your current chess skills with this challenging chess problem. As in most chess problems, solutions are usually hard to see, but there are always some conspicuous hints and motifs which, if put together, can lead us to the right move. You can send your solutions through The winners will be given free lectures and training materials by FM Lilov. Give it a try and Valeri will show you the right answer at the beginning of our chess show!

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